The Stars and Stories
Sasaki, Chris (Book - 2002)
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It's not always easy to find the 88 constellations, but this illustrated guidebook will lead you through the stars and make gazing at them a more meaningful experience. Two larger maps portray the entire northern and southern sky, and all the constellations in it. Because the stars put on different "seasonal shows," another set charts the changes that take place in the heavens during the year. Still more pictures present a close-up view of every single constellation, filled with detail. (You'll see an image of the real or imaginary creature it's named after, too.) And, there's so much great information accompanying the super visuals: facts on how far away the stars really are, other interstellar phenomena, the history of every constellation and how they got their names, and the best way to do your star searching. A Selection of Children's Book-of-the-Month Club.
Authors: Sasaki, Chris
Title: Constellations
the stars and stories
Publisher: New York : Sterling Pub., c2002
Characteristics: 128 p. :,col. ill. ;,27 cm
Statement of Responsibility: Chris Sasaki ; illustrations by Joe Boddy
Notes: Includes index
Contents: Stargazing
The constellations: Andromeda / The Princess
Antlia / The Air Pump
Apus / The Bird of Paradise
Aquarius / The Water Bearer
Aquila / The Eagle
Ara / The Altar
Aries / The Ram
Auriga / The Charioteer
Bootes / The Bear Driver or Herdsman
Caelum / The Sculptor's Chisel
Camelopardalis / The Giraffe
Cancer / The Crab
Canes Venatici / The Hunting Dogs
Canis Major / The Great Dog
Canis Minor / The Little or Lesser Dog
Capricornus / The Sea Goat
Carina / The Keel
Cassiopeia / The Queen
Centarus / The Centaur
Cepheus / The King
Cetus / The Sea Monster, The Whale
Chamaeleon / The Chameleon
Circinus / The Compasses
Columba / The Dove
Coma Berenices / Berenice's Hair
Corona Australis / The Southern Crown
Corona Borealis / The Northern Crown
Corvus / The Crow, The Raven
Crater / The Cup
Crux / The (Southern) Cross
Cygnus / The Swan
Delphinus / The Dolphin
Dorado / The Swordfish
Draco / The Dragon
Equuleus / The Little Horse, The Colt, The Foal
Eridanus / The River, The Celestial River
Fornax / The (Laboratory) Furnace
Gemini / The Twins
Grus / The Crane
Hercules / The Strongman, The Hero
Horologium / The Pendulum Clock
Hydra / The Sea Serpent, The Water Snake
Hydrus / The Southern or Little Water Snake
Indus / The American Indian
Lacerta / The Lizard
Leo / The Lion
Leo Minor / The Little Lion, The Lion Cub
Lepus / The Hare
Libra / The Scales, The Balance
Lupus / The Wolf
Lynx / The Lynx
Lyra / The Lyre, The Harp
Mensa / The Table Mountain
Microscopium / The Microscope
Monoceros / The Unicorn
Musca / The Fly
Norma / The Carpenter's Square
Octans / The Octant
Ophiuchus / The Serpent Bearer
Orion / The Hunter
Pavo / The Peacock
Pegasus / The Winged Horse
Perseus / The Hero
Phoenix / The Phoenix
Pictor / The Painter's Easel
Pisces / The Fish(es)
Piscis Austrinus / The Southern Fish
Puppis / The Stern (of Argo Navis)
Pyxis / The Compass (of Argo Navis)
Reticulum / The Net
Sagitta / The Arrow
Sagittarius / The Archer
Scorpius / The Scorpion
Sculptor / The Sculptor's Workshop
Scutum / The Shield
Serpens Caput/Cauda / Head/Tail of the Snake
Sextans / The Sextant
Taurus / The Bull
Triangulum / The Triangle
Triangulum Australe / The Southern Triangle
Tucana / The Toucan
Ursa Major / The Great Bear
Ursa Minor / The Little Bear
Vela / The Sail (of Argo Navis)
Virgo / The Maiden, The Virgin
Volans / The Flying Fish
Vulpecula / The Fox
The Maps: Northern Latitudes: January-February
Southern Latitudes: Spring
Additional Contributors: Boddy, Joe
ISBN: 1402708009
Branch Call Number: j 523.8 S252c 2002
Subject Headings: Stars Mythology Juvenile literature Stars Juvenile literature Constellations Juvenile literature
Topical Term: Stars
LCCN: 2002726870
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The sky is a clear, glittering site where constellations (88 of them) form "provinces." It's not always easy to find the different groups, but this illustrated guidebook will lead you through the stars and make gazing at them a more meaningful experience.

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