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Food Not Lawns
Food Not Lawns How to Turn your Yard Into A Garden and your Neighborhood Into A Community By Flores, H. C. (Book - 2006 ) 631.58 F634f 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:What to do with your front yard? Lawn or food or both? Gardening can be a political act. Creativity, fulfillment, connection, revolution--it all begins when we get our hands in the dirt. Food Not Lawns combines practical wisdom on ecological design and community-building with a fresh, green perspective on an age-old subject.

The Edible Front Yard
The Edible Front Yard The Mow-less, Grow-more Plan for A Beautiful, Bountiful Garden By Soler, Ivette (Book - 2011 ) 635 S685e 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:A great book sit down with to find ideas for next year's garden! The Edible Front Yard is a one-stop resource for a front-and-center edible garden that is both beautiful and bountiful year-round. People everywhere are turning patches of soil into bountiful vegetable gardens, and each spring a new crop of beginners pick up trowels and plant seeds for the first time. They're planting tomatoes in raised beds, runner beans in small plots, and strawberries in containers.

Edible Estates
Edible Estates Attack on the Front Lawn (Book - 2010 ) 712.6 E234 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:Gain inspiration from the experts! Documents the eight Edible Estates regional prototype gardens that author Fritz Haeg has planted in California, Kansas, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and England, and includes personal accounts from the homeowner-gardeners about the pleasures and challenges of publicly growing food where they live. Ten "Reports from Coast to Coast" tell the stories of others who have planted their own edible front yards in towns and cities across the country.

Hellstrip Gardening
Hellstrip Gardening Create A Paradise Between the Sidewalk and the Curb By Hadden, Evelyn J. (Book - 2014 ) 635.09173 H126h 2014 Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 16 copies

Annotation:The hellstrip--the space between a street and a public sidewalk, also known as a tree park, boulevard, meridian, and planting strip--is finally getting the attention it deserves! Gardeners everywhere are taking advantage of the space as an environmentally friendly way to add curb appeal to their homes, expand the size of their gardens, and conserve resources. What will you plant in your Hellstrip?

Gardening Projects for Kids
Gardening Projects for Kids 101 Ways to Get Kids Outside, Dirty, and Having Fun By Cohen, Whitney (Book - 2012 ) 635 C6788g 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:Kids make great gardening companions, and the benefits of including them are impossible to ignore. Gardening gets kids outdoors, increases their connection to plants and animals, and helps build enthusiasm for fresh fruits and vegetables. Their involvement becomes the real harvest of a family garden. Do your children know where your food comes from?

Groundbreaking Food Gardens
Groundbreaking Food Gardens 73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow your Garden By Jabbour, Niki (Book - 2014 ) 635 J118g 2014 All copies in use Availability details Holds: 35 on 9 copies

Annotation:One of the newest garden planning books, here are 73 garden designs from horticulturalists, community gardeners, bloggers and print writers, television and radio hosts, and other professional gardeners. Some of these gardens are in Portland. Great ideas!

Apartment Gardening
Apartment Gardening Plants, Projects, and Recipes for Growing Food in your Urban Home By Pennington, Amy (Book - 2011 ) 635.091732 P4144a 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:Grow squash on the windowsill, flowers in the planter box, or corn in a parking strip. Apartment Gardening details how to start a garden in the heart of the city. From building a window box to planting seeds in jars on the counter, every space is plantable, and this book reveals that the DIY future is now by providing hands-on, accessible advice. Author is a PNW urban gardener, cook, and blogger.

Your Farm in the City
Your Farm in the City An Urban Dweller's Guide to Growing Food and Raising Livestock By Taylor, Lisa (Book - 2011 ) 630.91732 T2439y 2011 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:If you have some serious time and energy this is the book for you! The most complete book on urban farming, covering everything from growing organic produce and raising chickens, to running a small farm on a city lot or in a suburban backyard.

The Year-round Vegetable Gardener
The Year-round Vegetable Gardener How to Grow your Own Food 365 Days A Year No Matter Where You Live By Jabbour, Niki (Book - 2012 ) 635 J118y 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:Year-round gardener and writer Niki Jabbour shares her secrets for growing food during every month of the year. Her season-defying techniques, developed in her own home garden where short summers and low levels of winter sunlight create the ultimate challenge, are doable, affordable, and rewarding for gardeners in any location where frost has traditionally ended the growing season.

Homegrown Harvest
Homegrown Harvest A Season-by-season Guide to A Sustainable Kitchen Garden (Book - 2010 ) 635 H7657 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:A great visual guide to kitchen gardens (named thus because it's right outside your front door and supplies your kitchen) for beginners! Offers a season-by-season guide to a sustainable kitchen garden, with tips and techniques on how to grow a year-round supply of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Edible Gardening for Washington and Oregon
Edible Gardening for Washington and Oregon Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits & Seeds By Binetti, Marianne (Book - 2010 ) 635.09795 B612e 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:A great reference, helps with starting, maintaining and harvesting an edible garden, propagation and winter care, and solutions to common garden problems.

The Four Season Farm Gardener's Cookbook
The Four Season Farm Gardener's Cookbook From the Garden to the Table in 120 Recipes By Damrosch, Barbara (Book - 2013 ) 635 D166f 2013 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:A yummy collection of recipes that gives you ideas on what to do with your garden bounty in the kitchen from two gardener greats, Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman.

Year-round Vegetable Production
Year-round Vegetable Production (DVD - 2010 ) DVD 635.0484 YEAR Available in some locations

Annotation:Workshop DVD on year-round vegetable production offers farmers and gardeners the rare chance to sit in with Eliot Coleman, one of the pioneers of the organic farming movement.

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Multnomah County Library, a paradise for makers! This list is for those who use water, soil, and sunshine to express their creative streak. You'll find some of our best books and other resources for front yard victory gardeners. One of the great things about a front yard garden is that you can do as little or as much as you'd like in the time you have each year. It's a great way to get the whole family involved in making the world a better place one front yard garden at a time!

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