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Leviathan Wakes
Leviathan Wakes By Corey, James S. A. (Book - 2011 ) SF COREY 2011 All copies in use Availability details Holds: 7 on 7 copies

Annotation:The simmering conflict between the inner planets and outer 'belt' becomes a full boil. Old fashioned space opera, likely to appeal to Battlestar Galactica fans. #1 in the Expanse series.

Cordelia's Honor
Cordelia's Honor By Bujold, Lois McMaster (Book - 1999 ) SF BUJOLD 1999 Available in some locations

Annotation:Cordelia Naismith, from peaceful and liberal Beta Colony, falls for Lord Aral Vorkosigan of miltaristic Barrayar in this character-driven tale. The Vorkosigan saga has many great starting points, this is one of them.

The Last Policeman
The Last Policeman By Winters, Ben H. (Book - 2012 ) FICTION WINTERS 2012 Available in some locations Holds: 5 on 8 copies

Annotation:A world-ending asteroid is on the way, and newly-minted detective Hank Palace is trying to keep doing his job amidst the chaos and despair. Science fiction for people who like police procedurals. #1 in a trilogy -- the finale, World of Trouble, is due out later this summer.

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy By Adams, Douglas (Book - 2002 ) SF ADAMS 2002 Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 19 copies

Annotation:Arthur Dent is introduced to the galaxy at large when he is rescued by an alien friend seconds before Earth's destruction, and so begins a wild series of humorous adventures. This omnibus edition has the entire knee-slapping series.

Consider Phlebas
Consider Phlebas By Banks, Iain (Book - 2008 ) SF BANKS Available in some locations

Annotation:Horza, a Changer, finds himself at the center of an epic galactic confrontation between the fanatical Idirans and the communistic Culture. This is big-idea, thought-provoking space opera. #1 in the Culture series.

Lilith's Brood
Lilith's Brood By Butler, Octavia E. (Book - 2000 ) SF BUTLER 2000 Available in some locations

Annotation:Lilith is in the Andes, mourning the death of her family, when war destroys Earth. Centuries later she is resurrected by powerful aliens, the Oankali. Originally published in separate volumes as the Xenogenesis trilogy.

In the Garden of Iden
In the Garden of Iden A Novel of the Company By Baker, Kage (Book - 2006? ) SF BAKER 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:The first book in The Company series, where immortal cyborgs labor to save treasures just before disaster takes them. Orphaned Mendoza is saved from the Spanish inquisition and transformed into one of these cyborgs. Wonderful characters, and a great mix of history and science fiction.

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Seven fun science fiction series to while away those long and sunny days.


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