Multcolib School Corps Picks Ancient India Grade 6-8

Daily Life in Ancient India
Daily Life in Ancient India From 200 BC to 700 AD By Auboyer, Jeannine (Book - 2002 ) 934 A894d 2002 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:The traditions that define Indian life have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Emphasizing the nine centuries of the "golden age," this introduction to India's noble culture reconstructs a time when political and religious enlightenment flourished, and artistic creation reached its height.

Ancient India/Maurya Empire
Ancient India/Maurya Empire By Bankston, John (eBook - 2013 ) OverDrive downloadable ebook Check availability»

Annotation:Learn about the ancient Maurya Empire, which stretched from the area of Afghanistan to the southern tip of India.

The Story of the World
The Story of the World Volume 1, Ancient Times, From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor History for the Classical Child By Bauer, S. Wise (Audiobook CD - 2006 ) CD-j 930 BAUER 2006 All copies in use. Availability details Holds: 9 on 6 copies

Annotation:Presents a history of the ancient world, from 6000 B.C. to 400 A.D.

India By Chatterjee, Manini (Book - 2002 ) j 954 C495i 2002 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:Discover the people and traditions of one of the most dynamic countries in the world. Discover the rich diversity of the world's most populous democracy in this stunning guide. Witness the beauty of the Taj Mahal, learn how India gained its independence, discover the splendor of the Mughal dynasty, and much, much more.

National Geographic Investigates Ancient India
National Geographic Investigates Ancient India Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of India's Past By Dalal, Anita (Book - 2007 ) j 934 D136n 2007 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:Describes the work of archaeologists who have uncovered the artifacts of ancient India.

Buddha By Demi (Book - 1996 ) j 294 D378b Available in some locations

Annotation:The Buddha taught the Truth and the path to inner peace for forty-five years, attracting thousands of disciples. Today millions of people around the world live by his teachings.

One Grain of Rice
One Grain of Rice A Mathematical Folktale By Demi (Book - 1997 ) j 398.20954 D378o 1997 All copies in use. Availability details Holds: 1 on 6 copies

Annotation:A reward of one grain of rice doubles day by day into millions of grains of rice when a selfish raja is outwitted by a clever village girl.

The Ramayana and Hinduism
The Ramayana and Hinduism By Ganeri, Anita (Book - 2004 ) j 294.5 G196r 2004 Available in some locations

Annotation:Explains the history and practices of the religion of Hinduism, especially as revealed through its sacred book, the Ramayana.

Look What Came From India
Look What Came From India By Harvey, Miles (Book - 1999 ) j 954 H342L 1999 Available in some locations

Annotation:Describes many familiar things that originally came from India, including inventions, food, religions, animals, musical instruments, medicine, games, words, and fashion.

Clothes of the Ancient World
Clothes of the Ancient World By Hatt, Christine (Book - 2001 ) j 391 H366ca 2001 Available in some locations

Annotation: From the earliest times, people have worn clothes, not just for warmth, but to show their status or role in a group. Some wore special clothes for religious purposes, others dressed simply to look good and attract a partner. Clothes of the Ancient World looks at how fashions developed with the rise and fall of the early civilizations.

The Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World
The Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World From the Ice Age to the Fall of Rome By Martell, Hazel (Book - 2001 ) j 930 M376k 2001 Available in some locations

Annotation:Richly illustrated with maps and reconstruction of everyday life, this resource book explores the geography, culture and history of the ancient world. Full-color illustrations.

Indian Mythology
Indian Mythology By Ramen, Fred (Book - 2008 ) j 294.5 R172i 2008 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:The stories and myths of India are a rich and varied tapestry unlike any other in the world. Their purpose is greater than just entertainment: they are examples of how to live, or not live, a good life.

The Asian Empires
The Asian Empires By Stefoff, Rebecca (Book - 2005 ) j 950 S817a 2005 Available in some locations

Annotation:Imperial China: Ancient kingdoms, warring states. First emperor. Han Dynasty. Sui and T'ang Empires. Rivals, rulers, and invaders -- Rulers of India: Early empires. Glory of the Guptas. Moghul might. Aurangzeb and after -- Ottoman Turkey: Ottoman origins. Marching on the West. Suleyman the Magnificent. Long decline. "The sick man of Europe."

The Story of Divaali
The Story of Divaali By Verma, Jatinder Nath (Book - 2002 ) j 294.5211 V522s 2002 Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 4 copies

Annotation:Retells the Hindu tale of a heroic prince and his bride who are separated by the demon prince Ravana until the Monkey Army of Hanuman, god of the wind, helps them. Includes facts about Divaali, the festival celebrating Rāma and Sītā's return to their kingdom.

Seven Wonders of Ancient Asia
Seven Wonders of Ancient Asia By Woods, Michael (Book - 2009 ) j 950 W896s 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:Examines the people, culture, and beliefs associated with the wonders that can be found in Asia.

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A collection of non-fiction materials about Ancient India for students in grades 6 through 8.

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