Multcolib School Corps Picks Fiction and Folklore about the Aztec, Inca and Maya Grade 6

Colibrí By Cameron, Ann (Book - 2005 Spanish ) SPANISH j CAMERON Available in some locations

Annotation:Kidnapped when she was very young by an unscrupulous man who has forced her to lie and beg to get money, a twelve-year-old Mayan girl endures an abusive life, always wishing she could return to the parents she can hardly remember.

Myths of Pre-Columbian America
Myths of Pre-Columbian America By Dalal, Anita (Book - 2002 ) j 398.2 D136m 2002 Available in some locations

Annotation:A comprehensive series focuses on ancient myths that place stories in the context of the societies that created them. Readers can learn about ancient civilizations by investigating these fascinating native tales.

Curse of the Ancients
Curse of the Ancients By de la Peña, Matt (Book - 2013 ) j DELAPENA 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:Sera has seen the future, and it is terrifying. Unfortunately, she can't do anything to prevent the Cataclysm while stranded with Dak and Riq thousands of years in the past. Their only hope lies with the ancient Maya, a mysterious people who claim to know a great deal about the future. Is there more to these ancients than meets the eye?

The Ugly One
The Ugly One By Ellis, Leanne Statland (Book - 2013 ) j ELLIS 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:At the height of the Incan empire, a girl called the Ugly One because of a disfiguring scar on her face, seeks to have the scar removed and instead finds a life path as a shaman.

Tales of the Plumed Serpent
Tales of the Plumed Serpent Aztec, Inca, and Mayan Myths By Ferguson, Diana (Book - 2000 ) 398.2097 F352t 2000 Available in some locations

Annotation:Through their enduring mythology, the Mayas of Yucatan, the Aztecs of Mexico, and the Incas of Peru have left us tantalizing images of their now-disappeared societies, once among the most advanced on earth.

Chasing the Jaguar
Chasing the Jaguar By Greene, Michele (Book - 2006 ) y GREENE

Annotation:After having unsettling dreams about the kidnapped daughter of her mother's employer, fifteen-year-old Martika learns that she is a descendant of a long line of curanderas--Mayan medicine women with special powers. Includes glossary of Spanish words.

The Hero Twins
The Hero Twins Against the Lords of Death : A Mayan Myth By Jolley, Dan (Book - 2008 ) jgn 398.2 JOLLEY Available in some locations

Annotation:The Hero Twins: Against the Lords of Death (A Mayan Myth) is a fun and clever story based on one of the tales of the Mayan book Popol Vuh. The Hero Twins Hunter and Jaguar Deer are two clever and fun-loving boys who are blessed with super powers and astonishing skill at the traditional Mayan ball game of Pok-a-tok.

The Fisherman and the Turtle
The Fisherman and the Turtle By Kimmel, Eric A. (Book - 2008 ) j 398.2 K49fa 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:A retelling of the Grimm tale about the fisherman's greedy wife, set in the land of the Aztecs.

The Two Mountains
The Two Mountains An Aztec Legend By Kimmel, Eric A. (Book - 2000 ) j 398.2 K49tw 2000 Available in some locations

Annotation:Two married gods disobey their orders and visit Earth, are turned into mortals as punishment, and eventually become mountains so that they will always stand side by side.

Lady of Palenque
Lady of Palenque Flower of Bacal By Kirwan, Anna (Book - 2004 ) j KIRWAN Available in some locations

Annotation:In 749, the Maya princess Green Jay, of the Kingdom of Bacal, writes in her diary about her arduous journey to Xukpip to meet King Fire Keeper, her future husband.

The Goldsmith's Daughter
The Goldsmith's Daughter By Landman, Tanya (Book - 2009 ) y LANDMAN 2009 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:A bearer of doom, or a bringer of change? As the Aztec empire falls, one girl defies her destiny. In the golden city of Tenochtitlán, the people live in awe of Emperor Montezuma and in fear of blood-hungry gods.

Musicians of the Sun
Musicians of the Sun By McDermott, Gerald (Book - 1997 ) j 398.2 M134m Available in some locations

Annotation:In this retelling of an Aztec myth, Lord of the Night sends Wind to free the four musicians that the Sun is holding prisoner so they can bring joy to the world.

The Honey Jar
The Honey Jar By Menchú, Rigoberta (Book - 2006 ) j 398.2 M536h 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation: The Honey Jarbrings us the ancient stories her grandparents told her when she was a little girl, and we can imagine her listening to them by the fire at night. These Maya tales include creation myths, a classic story about the magic twins (which can also be found in the Popol Vuh), explanations of how and why certain natural phenomena came to exist, and animal tales.

The Secret Legacy
The Secret Legacy By Menchú, Rigoberta (Book - 2008 ) j 398.2089 M536s 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:Seven-year-old Ixkem is chosen by her grandfather amongst all the villagers to inherit the responsibility for tending his special cornfield. Ixkem goes to the field and begins to shout and stomp to frighten away the animals who would like to share the harvest.

The Captive
The Captive By O'Dell, Scott (Book - 1979 ) j ODELL Available in some locations

Annotation:As part of a Spanish expedition to the New World, a Jesuit seminarian witnesses the enslavement and exploitation of the Mayas and his own seduction by greed and ambition.

Quetzal Sacred Bird of the Cloud Forest By Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw (Book - 1996 ) j 398.2 P294q Available in some locations

Annotation:Provides information about the quetzal, a beautiful bird found in Mexico and Central America, and about its significance in the lives and beliefs of ancient Mesoamerican peoples.

Red Glass
Red Glass By Resau, Laura (Book - 2007 ) y RESAU Available in some locations

Annotation:Sixteen-year-old Sophie has been frail and delicate since her premature birth, but discovers her true strength during a journey through Mexico, where the six-year-old orphan her family hopes to adopt was born, and to Guatemala, where her would-be boyfriend hopes to find his mother and plans to remain.

The Boy Who Wouldn't Obey
The Boy Who Wouldn't Obey A Mayan Legend By Rockwell, Anne F. (Book - 2000 ) j 398.2 R684b 2000 Available in some locations

Annotation:When Chac, the great lord who makes rain, takes a disobedient boy as his servant, they are both in for trouble.

Me Oh Maya
Me Oh Maya By Scieszka, Jon (Book - 2003 ) j SCIESZKA Available in some locations

Annotation:Joe, Fred, and Sam find themselves whisked by The Book to the main ring-ball court in Chichin Itza, Mexico in 1000 A.D., where they must play for their lives against a Mayan High Priest who cheats.

The End of the World Club
The End of the World Club By Voelkel, Jon (Book - 2011 ) y VOELKEL 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:With the end of the Mayan calendar fast approaching, fourteen-year-old Max Murphy and his friend Lola, the Maya girl who saved his life in the perilous jungle, race against time to outwit the twelve villainous Lords of Death, following the trail of the conquistadors into a forgotten land steeped in legend and superstition.

Rain Player
Rain Player By Wisniewski, David (Book - 1991 ) jE WISNIEWSK Available in some locations

Annotation:To bring rain to his thirsty village, Pik challenges the rain god to a game of pok-a-tok.

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