Multcolib School Corps Picks Ancient Egypt Grades 6-8

Living in Ancient Egypt
Living in Ancient Egypt By Bancroft-Hunt, Norman Book - 2009 j 932 B213L 2009 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Explores the ancient civilization of Egypt by examining all aspects of daily life across all strata of society and focusing on the cycles of farming and trade, marriage and family life, education, and entertainment.

Mummies of the Pharaohs
Mummies of the Pharaohs Exploring the Valley of the Kings By Berger, Melvin Book - 2001 j 932 B496m 2001 Available in some locations

Annotation:The ancient secrets of Egypt's Valley of the Kings are presented with fresh insight into the mystery and intrigue of the Egyptian civilization. Beginning with the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb, the authors explore the entire Valley--the final resting place of more than 50 pharaohs--and tell little-known stories about the tombs and their occupants.

Egypt in Spectacular Cross-section
Egypt in Spectacular Cross-section By Biesty, Stephen Book - 2005 j 932 B589e 2005 Available in some locations

Annotation:Allows readers to get an idea of ancient Egyptian civilization by examining a series of detailed cross-section and cutaway illustrations.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic Kids Everything Ancient Egypt By Boyer, Crispin Book - 2011 j 932.01 B7912n 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:Discusses the mysteries of ancient Egypt, and includes facts covering treasure, pyramids, mummies, and pharaohs.

Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors
Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors An Activity Guide By Broida, Marian Book - 1999 j 939.4 B866a 1999 Available in some locations

Annotation:Uses activities and handicraft projects to reinforce information about the clothing, architecture, writing, work, food, and religion of the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Nubians, and Hittites who lived in the Near East in ancient times.

Life in Ancient Egypt
Life in Ancient Egypt By Challen, Paul C. Book - 2005 j 932 C437L 2005 Available in some locations

Annotation:For thousands of years, Egypt's desert sands kept the mysteries of one of the world's first great civilizations buried. Now, the world of pharaohs, pyramids, and mummies are among the most fascinating subjects of ancient times.

Ancient Egypt Revealed
Ancient Egypt Revealed By Chrisp, Peter Book - 2002 j 932 C554a 2002 Available in some locations

Annotation:Visual reference to ancient Egypt describing Egyptian history, religion, daily life, and more.

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt By Fisher, Leonard Everett Book - 1997 j 299.31 F534g Available in some locations

Annotation:Relates the history of the gods and goddesses worshipped by the ancient Egyptians and describes how they were depicted.

Mummies and Ancient Egypt
Mummies and Ancient Egypt By Ganeri, Anita Book - 2005 j 932 G196m 2005 Available in some locations

Annotation:Contains fascinating facts and historic snapshots of mummies, pyramids and life in ancient Egypt.

Pyramids! 50 Hands-on Activities to Experience Ancient Egypt By Hart, Avery Book - 1997 j 932 H325p 1997 Available in some locations

Annotation:Today's kids actively experience the wonders of ancient Egypt. Games, food, clothing and creative activities involve children in the exploration of life in a ancient society.

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt By Hart, George Book Plus CD - 2008 j 932.01 H325ar 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:A detailed look at life in Egypt - from the pharaoh and his courtiers, through the mystical rites of the priests, to the world of the workers in the fields. Featuring stunning items from the tomb of Tutankhamun and jewelry from the royal palaces, Eyewitness Ancient Egypt shows how Egyptian nobles lived. Find out how they prepared for the afterlife and what food, clothes, weapons, and even toys ordinary people enjoyed.

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt By Haslam, Andrew Book - 1995 j 932.01 H352a Available in some locations

Annotation:Children reach a deeper understanding of historical peoples by participating in the activities that shaped their lives. This hands-on series lets them discover history with projects, facts, photographs, costumes, and maps. Tested projects reinforce traditional lessons and research. A powerful, graphic style combines with informative, sensitive text.

Ancient Egyptian Art
Ancient Egyptian Art By Hodge, Susie Book - 1998 j 709.32 H688a 1998 Available in some locations

Annotation:Examines the art of ancient Egypt, including wall painting, reliefs, buildings, and sculpture.

If I Were A Kid in Ancient Egypt
If I Were A Kid in Ancient Egypt Book - 2006 j 932 I23 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:If I Were a Kid in Ancient Egypt takes readers through daily life in a vibrant culture that pioneered paper, linen, irrigation, medicine, and much more, and shows how these inventions came about and how they affected the culture's younger citizens.

Pharaoh Life and Afterlife of A God By Kennett, David Book - 2008 j 932 K365p 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:In Ancient Egypt, the pharaoh is the supreme ruler and overseer of every aspect of life--a living god. From the moment of his coronation, he is busy with the construction of elaborate temples, the conquering of foreign lands, and the creation of beautiful jewelry and art, all of which are done to worship the great Egyptian gods and to expand the pharaoh's eternal legacy. Yet Pharaoh is ever mindful of his eventual journey into the afterlife and his final transformation into a complete god.

Exploring Ancient Egypt With Elaine Landau
Exploring Ancient Egypt With Elaine Landau By Landau, Elaine Book - 2005 j 932 L253e 2005 Available in some locations

Annotation:Take a trip back in time to ancient Egypt that includes a ride down the Nile River, a climb to the pyramids, and a tour of a tomb.

Outrageous Women of Ancient Times
Outrageous Women of Ancient Times By León, Vicki Book - 1998 j 920.02 L579o 1998 Available in some locations

Annotation:Recounts the stories of bold, notorious, or successful women in such early cultures as ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, and China.

Pyramid By Macaulay, David Book - 1975 j 913.32 M117p Available in some locations

Annotation:Text and black-and-white illustrations follow the intricate step-by-step process of the building of an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

In the Days of the Pharaohs
In the Days of the Pharaohs A Look at Ancient Egypt By Meltzer, Milton Book - 2001 j 932 M528i 2001 Available in some locations

Annotation:Among the topics discussed are how people in ancient Egypt worshipped their gods, how their government operated, what their family life was like, and what kinds of games the children played. Readers will learn about such fascinating practices as mummification, which the Egyptians used to preserve the bodies of their dead in order to honor them.

You Wouldn't Want to Be A Pyramid Builder!
You Wouldn't Want to Be A Pyramid Builder! A Hazardous Job You'd Rather Not Have By Morley, Jacqueline Book - 2004 j 932.01 M864y 2004 Available in some locations

Annotation:Describes the construction of an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, the life and various jobs of the workers, and the burial of the pharaoh.

Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Atlas of Ancient Egypt By Pemberton, Delia Book - 2005 j 932 P394a 2005 Available in some locations

Annotation:The Nile River literally created civilization in Egypt. The Nile's waters made it possible for people to live and grow food, and to travel and trade with one another. Egypt's birds and animals living along the Nile Valley became the models for its gods and goddesses, and hidden in the vast deserts and mountain ranges that protected Egypt from invasion were rich natural resources of metals, stone, gems, and minerals that became the basis of Egypt's wealth and strength.

National Geographic Investigates Ancient Egypt
National Geographic Investigates Ancient Egypt Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of Egypt's Past By Rubalcaba, Jill Book - 2006 j 932 R894n 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:Travel back in time to a civilization that lasted over 3,000 years. Knowledge of this splendid culture comes to us through significant archaeological finds, such as royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings, which contained not only mummies, but exquisite artifacts as well. The discovery of the Rosetta Stone eventually led to the decoding of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Ancient Egypt still holds many mysteries.

The Ancient Egyptians
The Ancient Egyptians By Schomp, Virginia Book - 2008 j 299.31 S369a 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:A retelling of several key ancient Egyptian myths, with background information describing the history, geography, belief systems, and customs of the ancient Egyptians

Women of Ancient Egypt
Women of Ancient Egypt By Sharp, Anne Wallace Book - 2005 j 305.4 S531w 2005 Available in some locations

Annotation:Describes the role of women in ancient Egypt, including their work, home life, and religion.

Cat Mummies
Cat Mummies By Trumble, Kelly Book - 1996 j 932 T867c Available in some locations

Annotation:Clearly written text offers an answer to the question of why ancient Egyptians mummified thousands and thousands of cats. An easy-to-understand introduction to ancient Egyptian history.

Pharaoh's Boat
Pharaoh's Boat By Weitzman, David Book - 2009 j 932.012 W436p 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:With poetic language and striking illustrations, Weitzman tells the story of how one of the greatest boats of ancient Egypt came to be built-and built again. In the shadow of the Great Pyramid at Giza, the most skilled shipwrights in all of Egypt are building an enormous vessel that will transport Cheops, the mighty pharaoh, across the winding waterway and into a new world.

Voices of Ancient Egypt
Voices of Ancient Egypt By Winters, Kay Book - 2003 j 932 W788v 2003 Available in some locations

Annotation:Individual craftsmen, artists, and laborers describe the work that they do in Egypt during the time of the Old Kingdom, and the historical note places them in context.

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