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Multcolib School Corps Picks Short Stories with a Coming-of-Age Theme

Speaking Out
Speaking Out LGBTQ Youth Stand up (Book - 2011 ) y SPEAKING 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:Stories of overcoming adversity and experiencing life after coming out.

Cornered 14 Stories of Bullying and Defiance (Book - 2012 ) y CORNERED 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:An anthology of fourteen stories illuminates the experiences of being bullied in today's world, in a volume that includes contributions from such established writers as Kirsten Miller, Jennifer Brown, and James Lecesne.

Writes of Passage
Writes of Passage Coming-of-age Stories and Memoirs From The Hudson Review (Book - 2008 ) 810.80354 W956 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:Collected from the last twenty-five years of The Hudson Review, the stories and memoirs in this book, by both emerging writers and established storytellers like Elizabeth Spencer, William Trevor, and Tennessee Williams, were first published in the literary quarterly based on their own merits, without regard to a developing genre. The editors of The Hudson Review became aware of a unifying theme through the magazine's Writers in the Schools program, which brought many of these works to students in two Harlem high schools.

Voices in First Person
Voices in First Person Reflections on Latino Identity (Book - 2008 ) y VOICES 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of brief fictional pieces about the experiences of Latinos in the United States, by such writers as Sandra Cisneros, Gary Soto, Oscar Hijuelos, and others.

Shelf Life
Shelf Life Stories by the Book (Book - 2003 ) y SHELF Available in some locations

Annotation:Ten short stories in which the lives of young people in different circumstances are changed by their encounters with books.

Island Boyz
Island Boyz Short Stories By Salisbury, Graham (Book - 2002 ) y SALISBURY All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:In this rich collection, Salisbury's love for Hawaii and its encircling sea shines through every story. Readers will share the rush a boy feels when he leaps off a cliff into a ravine or feasts his eyes on a beautiful woman. They'll find stories that show what it takes to survive prep school, or a hurricane, or the night shift at Taco Bell, or first love. Graham Salisbury knows better than anyone what makes an island boy take chances. Or how it feels to test the waters, to test the limits, and what it's like when a beloved older brother comes home from war, never to be the same.

Grl2grl Short Fictions By Peters, Julie Anne (eBook - 2009 ) Click here to access digital titles »

Annotation:The complexities of love, romance, and dating for gay teenage girls are explored in this collection of short stories.

Owning It
Owning It Stories About Teens With Disabilities (Book - 2008 ) y OWNING Available in some locations

Annotation:Presents ten stories of teenagers facing all of the usual challenges of school, parents, boyfriends and girlfriends, plus the additional complications that come with having a physical or psychological disability.

Outside Rules
Outside Rules Short Stories About Nonconformist Youth (Book - 2007 ) y OUTSIDE Available in some locations

Annotation:An anthology of fourteen short stories about youth who do not quite fit in because they are too brainy, unathletic, poor, the "wrong" religion, emotionally fragile, from non-traditional families, not model-thin, or simply bent on following a unique path.

An Island Like You
An Island Like You Stories of the Barrio By Cofer, Judith Ortiz (Book - 2009 ) y COFER 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:Twelve stories about young people caught between their Puerto Rican heritage and their American surroundings.

On the Fringe
On the Fringe (Book - 2001 ) y ON Available in some locations

Annotation:In every school at every grade, there's a pecking order among students -- an in crowd and those outside it, who are often ridiculed mercilessly for the "crime" of being different. This powerful anthology explores the teen outsider experience in electrifying, never-before-published stories by eleven of today's most acclaimed YA authors.

No Such Thing as the Real World
No Such Thing as the Real World Stories About Growing up and Getting A Life (Book - 2009 ) y NO 2009 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Six award-winning young adult authors present short stories featuring teens who have to face the "real world" for the first time.

Make Me Over
Make Me Over 11 Original Stories About Transforming Ourselves (Book - 2005 ) y MAKE Available in some locations

Annotation:Some people call me Maurice / Joyce Sweeney -- Not much to it / René Saldaña, Jr. -- Bedhead red, peekaboo pink / Marilyn Singer -- Vision quest / Peni R. Griffin -- Wabi's ears / Joseph Bruchac -- Honestly, truthfully / Terry Trueman -- The resurrection / Jess Mowry -- Bazooka Joe and the chaos kid / Norma Howe -- The plan / Marina Budhos -- Lucky six / Evelyn Coleman -- Butterflies / Margaret Peterson Haddix

How They Met, and Other Stories
How They Met, and Other Stories By Levithan, David (Book - 2008 ) y LEVITHAN Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of eighteen stories describing the surprises, sacrifices, doubts, pain, and joy of falling in love.

It's your Rite
It's your Rite Girls' Coming of Age Stories (Book - 2003 ) y 305.235 I899 2003 Available in some locations

Annotation:Teenage girls from a variety of social classes and ethnic and religious backgrounds describe ceremonies and events that marked their passage from childhood to adulthood. Includes advice for planning your own coming of age ceremony.

How Beautiful the Ordinary
How Beautiful the Ordinary Twelve Stories of Identity (Book - 2009 ) y HOW 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:Presents twelve stories by contemporary, award-winning young adult authors, some presented in graphic or letter format, which explore themes of gender identity, love, and sexuality.

Geektastic Stories From the Nerd Herd (Book - 2009 ) y GEEKTASTI 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of twenty-nine short stories about geeks.

From Where We Sit
From Where We Sit Black Writers Write Black Youth (Book - 2011 ) y FROM 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:In this innovative collection, thirteen established and emerging African-American writers present a range of compelling and provocative stories.

You Don't Even Know Me
You Don't Even Know Me Stories and Poems About Boys By Flake, Sharon (Book - 2010 ) y FLAKE 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:Tow-Kaye just learned that the love of his life is pregnant--and though he knows what the right thing to do is, he's scared to death to do it. Jeffrey hates having a mom who dresses like a teenager, but when another sexy mom moves in next door--well, that's a different kind of problem. In these and twenty-two other short stories and poems, readers plumb the inner lives of African American teenage boys.

First Crossing
First Crossing Stories About Teen Immigrants (Book - 2004 ) y FIRST Available in some locations

Annotation:Stories of recent Mexican, Venezuelan, Kazakh, Chinese, Romanian, Palestinian, Swedish, Korean, Haitian, and Cambodian immigrants reveal what it is like to face prejudice, language barriers, and homesickness along with common teenage feelings and needs.

Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories
Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories By Cisneros, Sandra (Book - 1992 ) FICTION CISNEROS 1992 Available in some locations

Annotation:From the author of the widely acclaimed The House on Mango Street comes a story collection of breathtaking range and authority, whose characters give voice to the vibrant and varied life on both sides of the Mexican border. The women in these stories offer tales of pure discovery, filled with moments of infinite and intimate wisdom.

Am I Blue?
Am I Blue? Coming Out From the Silence (Book - 1994 ) FICTION AM Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of short stories about homosexuality by such authors as Bruce Coville, M.E. Kerr, William Sleator, and Jane Yolen.

Almost Touching the Skies
Almost Touching the Skies Women's Coming of Age Stories (Book - 2000 ) 810.80354 A452 2000 Available in some locations

Annotation:The Feminist Press celebrates its own coming of age with an anthology of distinguished women's writings.

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Great, coming of age short stories for teens about characters much like themselves.

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