Multcolib Research Picks - Green Architecture

Green Restorations
Green Restorations Sustainable Building and Historic Homes By Lubeck, Aaron (Book - 2010 ) 728.0288 L928g 2010 All copies in use. Availability details
Housing Reclaimed
Housing Reclaimed Sustainable Homes for Next to Nothing By Kellner, Jessica (Book - 2011 ) 690.8047 K2951h 2011 Available in some locations
Passive Houses
Passive Houses Energy Efficient Homes By Uffelen, Chris van (Book - 2012 ) 720.47 U23p 2012 Available in some locations
Passive Solar Architecture
Passive Solar Architecture Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Daylighting, and More Using Natural Flows By Bainbridge, David A. (Book - 2011 ) 690.8370472 B1625p 2011 Available in some locations
Small Eco Houses
Small Eco Houses Living Green in Style By Paredes, Cristina (Book - 2010 ) 728.047 P2275s 2010 Available in some locations
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design A Critical Guide By Bergman, David (Book - 2012 ) 720.47 B4991s 2012 Available in some locations
Urgent Architecture
Urgent Architecture 40 Sustainable Housing Solutions for A Changing World By Meinhold, Bridgette (Book - 2013 ) 720.47 M5146u 2013 Available in some locations

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What exactly is sustainable architecture? Here is a selection of books that offer design ideas plus specifications for new buildings, plus remodeling of existing structures.

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