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Annotation:A linked article from the National Institutes of Health , with information about symptoms and treatment for PTSD.

Treating PTSD in Battered Women
Treating PTSD in Battered Women A Step-by-step Manual for Therapists and Counselors By Kubany, Edward S. (eBook - 2008 ) Click here for full text »

Annotation:Based on a new treatment model for post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, this manual offers an effective and comprehensive therapy targeting symptoms of PTSD in battered women.

Gentling A Practical Guide to Treating PTSD in Abused Children By Krill, William E. (Book - 2010 ) 618.928521 K9269g 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:"Gentling" represents a new paradigm in the therapeutic approach to children who have experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and have acquired Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result.

The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship
The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship How to Support your Partner and Keep your Relationship Healthy By England, Diane (Book - 2009 ) 616.8521 E58p 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:War, physical and sexual abuse, and natural disasters. All crises have one thing in common: Victims often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and their loved ones suffer right along with them. In this book, couples will learn how to have a healthy relationship, in spite of a stressful and debilitating disorder.

The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook
The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook A Guide to Healing, Recovery, and Growth By Schiraldi, Glenn R. (Book - 2009 ) 616.8521 S337p 2009 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:Dr. Glenn Schiraldi offers a range of treatment alternatives and self-management techniques, including mindfulness based treatments. This updated edition covers new information for war veterans and survivors with substance addictions.

Post-traumatic Stress
Post-traumatic Stress By Regel, Stephen (Book - 2010 ) 616.8521 R3336p 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:Post-traumatic stress and its associated disorders, can develop after exposure to one or more terrifying events. It is a severe and ongoing emotional reaction to an extreme psychological trauma, such as a death or a threat to life, serious physical injury, or threat to physical and/or psychological integrity.

Coping With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Coping With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder A Guide for Families By Roberts, Cheryl A. (Book - 2011 ) 616.8521 R6435c 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:"This book is a user friendly discussion of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as it affects individuals and families. New to this edition is information regarding Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans and the new policies and treatments in use as well as information about women war veterans, who are a newer demographic for combat PTSD

Wounded Minds
Wounded Minds Understanding and Solving the Growing Menace of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder By Liebert, John (Book - 2013 ) 616.85212 L7167w 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Liebert, a psychiatrist who has examined hundreds of violent offenders with combat experience, and bestselling author Dr. William Birnes uncover the disturbing truths of why post-traumatic stress injury is on the rise, how it's threatening society, and how the military is failing to properly address this serious issue.

The Post-traumatic Insomnia Workbook
The Post-traumatic Insomnia Workbook A Step-by-step Program for Overcoming Sleep Problems After Trauma By Thompson, Karin E. (eBook - 2010 ) Click here for full text »

Annotation:This workbook is based in cognitive behavioral therapy, a powerful approach that has been proven to be more effective over the long run than sleeping pills. Included are easy tips and techniques you can start doing right away to help you sleep better.

At War With PTSD
At War With PTSD Battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder With Virtual Reality By McLay, Robert N. (Book - 2012 ) 616.85212 M162a 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:McLay, a psychiatrist and research director explains complicated medical and psychiatric concepts and processes in plain language for general readers, and illustrates them with personal stories and cases from his work as a primary investigator in Navy programs

The Compassionate-mind Guide to Recovering From Trauma and PTSD
The Compassionate-mind Guide to Recovering From Trauma and PTSD Using Compassion-focused Therapy to Overcome Flashbacks, Shame, Guilt, and Fear By Lee, Deborah (Book - 2011 ) 616.85210651 L4777c 2011 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:If you have experienced trauma, abuse, or violent situations, you may understand on a logical level that these traumatic events were not your fault. However, thoughts and feelings of shame may arise, and ultimately lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other trauma-related psychological difficulties.

The PTSD Workbook
The PTSD Workbook Simple, Effective Techniques for Overcoming Traumatic Stress Symptoms By Williams, Mary Beth (Book - 2013 ) 616.8521 W725p 2013 All copies in use. Availability details Holds: 1 on 5 copies

Annotation:In this workbook, the authors outline techniques and interventions used by PTSD experts from around the world to offer trauma survivors the most effective tools available to conquer their most distressing trauma-related symptoms, whether they are a veteran, a rape survivor, or a crime victim.

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