Multcolib Research Picks: Tree Reads

Trees By Coombes, Allen J. Book - 2002 582.16 C775t 2002 Available in some locations

Annotation:A guidebook including many non-native trees, which is useful for urban ID.

Trees of Greater Portland
Trees of Greater Portland By Reynolds, Phyllis C. Book - 1993 635.977 R464t Available in some locations

Annotation:An exploration of remarkable trees to be seen in the City of Portland.

Seeing Trees
Seeing Trees Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees By Hugo, Nancy R. Book - 2011 582.16 H895s 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:Explores the unique and interesting in the botany of trees.

Trees to Know in Oregon
Trees to Know in Oregon By Jensen, Edward C. Book - 2010 582.1609795 J546t 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:A succinct presentation of Oregon’s native tree species with an illustrated, easy to use key.

Northwest Trees
Northwest Trees Identifying and Understanding the Region's Native Trees By Arno, Stephen F. Book - 2007 582.16097 A751n 2007 Available in some locations

Annotation:A tree ID book for native species that goes above and beyond with detailed descriptions, beautiful illustrations, and insight into both ecological and historical roles of the tree.

American Canopy
American Canopy Trees, Forests, and the Making of A Nation By Rutkow, Eric Book - 2012 577.30973 R977a 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:Looks at the link between an immense forested continent and the rise of the modern American nation.

The Collector
The Collector David Douglas and the Natural History of the Northwest By Nisbet, Jack Book - 2009 B-D733ni 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:The story of the adventurous and dedicated Scottish botanist who first came to the Pacific Northwest for the Royal Horticultural Society in the 1820s.

The Wild Trees
The Wild Trees A Story of Passion and Daring By Preston, Richard Book - 2008 585.5 P939w 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:An ecological and biographical account of an ecosystem in 300 foot-high redwood trees and the people who first climbed these trees to find and study it.

Salmon Forest
Salmon Forest By Suzuki, David T. Book - 2003 jE SUZUKI Available in some locations

Annotation:Explores the ecology of our region for children, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the whole system.

Celebritrees Historic & Famous Trees of the World By Preus, Margi Book - 2010 j 582.16 P943c 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:A short, illustrated tour for children of interesting trees around the world.

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A list of favorite tree-related reads (identification guides, nonfiction, and books for children) by the City of Portland Tree Steward Coalition, in celebration of Arbor Day 2013! Includes books about trees specific to Portland, Oregon, and the Northwest as well as books about trees in general.

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