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African Textiles Today
African Textiles Today By Spring, Christopher (Book - 2012 ) 746.096 S7692a 2012 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:"One of the most obvious facts about West Africa is that there is a lot of cloth around." - John Picton. This is an exciting book for the photographs and text about current and traditional African textiles and their creators.

Anni Albers
Anni Albers Selected Writings on Design By Albers, Anni (Book - 2000 ) 701.8 A332a 2000 Available in some locations

Annotation:Anni Albers had an approach to writing that bore a stunning resemblance to the process of creating a weaving on a loom. Using her manual typewriter, she would write her text on ordinary white 81/2" X 11 sheets of paper and then tape the pages together as if to create a scroll. She felt that only in this way could she achieve and judge the flow and continuity of the completed essay. - from the Foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber

The Figurative Sculpture of Magdalena Abakanowicz
The Figurative Sculpture of Magdalena Abakanowicz Bodies, Environments, and Myths By Inglot, Joanna (Book - 2004 ) 730.92 A116i 2004 Available in some locations

Annotation:"Few other artists from the former Soviet bloc have been as widely exhibited, reviewed, and critically acknowledged around the world. Abakanowicz first received international recognition in themid-1960's with a series of monumental, three-dimensional fiber works known as Abakans." - from the Introduction.

Nuvisavik The Place Where We Weave (Book - 2002 ) 746.3 N989 2002 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:Tapestry as expression of Inuit traditional life and beliefs, made by elders from the community of Pangnirtung on Baffin Island.

Weaving A Chronicle
Weaving A Chronicle By Fawkes, Judith Poxson (Book - 2007 ) 746.3 F281w 2007 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:Works and methods by Portland artist Judith Poxson Fawkes “… a finished tapestry illuminates daily existence and is a part of the on-going chronicle of how design ideas are conceived and executed.”

Tapestry A Woven Narrative (Book - 2011 ) 746.3 T172 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:"The state of artisan tapestry in the twenty-first century.... a prolific and fascinating, but relatively little documented arts movement." - from the Introduction. Profiles of tapestry weavers and samples of their work.

Choosing Craft
Choosing Craft The Artist's Viewpoint (Book - 2009 ) 745.5 C5489 2009 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:Interviews from artists about their careers working in craft media.

The Art Fabric
The Art Fabric Mainstream By Constantine, Mildred (Book - 1981 ) 746.09 C758a Available in some locations

Annotation:Classic book on weaving as sculpture; beautiful work, much of it retaining interest and beauty of color and form for the present.

Sheila Hicks
Sheila Hicks 50 Years By Simon, Joan (Book - 2010 ) 746.092 H6318s 2010 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:"Sheila Hicks (born 1934) is a pioneering artist noted for objects and public commissions whose structures are built of color and fiber. This volume accompanies the first major retrospective of Hicks’s work; it documents the remarkable versatility and dramatically divergent scale of her textiles as well as her distinctive use, and surprising range, of materials. " - from Sheila Hicks: 50 years.

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A selection of books about weaving as contemporary sculpture, clothing, and tapestry. Many more titles are available in the Library as inspiration for weaving in a range of methods.

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