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Hilda Morris
Hilda Morris By Guenther, Bruce (Book - 2006 ) 730.92 M876g 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:"With the commission she received to make a sculpture for the entrance to Portland's Standard Plaza building, Morris would create perhaps the most important work of her career. Ring of Time (1967) is a monumental, self-compressed form that has the immediacy of a Zen calligrapher's drawing a perfect circle in a single breath and the allusive randomness of a tide-tossed shell with a hole in its center." - from Hilda Morris, p. 24.

Manuel Izquierdo
Manuel Izquierdo Myth, Nature, and Renewal By Hull, Roger (Book - 2013 ) 709.2 I99h 2013 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:An exhibition catalog:This exhibition features over 50 sculptures accompanied by paintings, prints and photographs created during Izquierdo's career and draws from public and private collections throughout the region." - from the Hallie Ford Museum of Art website at Willamette University. Exhibition curated by Roger Hull.

Lee Kelly
Lee Kelly By Guenther, Bruce (Book - 2010 ) 730.92 K2957g 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:Looking through this book, there are images of many sculptures that may be familiar to Portland residents. His sculptures form an anchor for spaces in local parks, streets, universities, civic and corporate buildings throughout the city. "Kelly developed two distinct formal vocabularies in the 1970's: one was earthbound, with forms rising out of the ground...the other was animated, with anthropomorphized industrial structures lifted up on legs and dancing or scuttling along the path." - p. 24 of Lee Kelly.

Where the Revolution Began
Where the Revolution Began Lawrence and Anna Halprin and the Reinvention of Public Space (Book - 2009 ) 712.0979549 W5676 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:The Portland Open Space Sequence was a series of public spaces created during the 1960's era of urban renewal. Consisting of the Lovejoy Fountain, Pettygrove Park, the Source Fountain and the Ira Keller Fountain, these structures of concrete and water set in motion the direction of downtown Portland as we see it today. This book of consists of drawings by Lawrence Halprin, photographs, and history of these transformative places.

Deborah Butterfield
Deborah Butterfield By Gordon, Robert (Book - 2010 ) 730.92 B988g 2010 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:"I walked around and around them, admiring their absolute horsiness. They were as peaceful as if they were standing alone in a field, out of human gaze. " - Jane Smiley, from the Introduction.

Roy Lichtenstein in His Studio
Roy Lichtenstein in His Studio By Lambrecht, Laurie (Book - 2011 ) 709.2 L699La 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:This book is more much more about painting than sculpture. However, the photos of the artist at work on large canvasses painting with a small brush, sometimes on stepladders, reveal his meticulous style of work.

50 Northwest Artists
50 Northwest Artists A Critical Selection of Painters and Sculptors Working in the Pacific Northwest By Guenther, Bruce (Book - 1983 ) 709.22 G927f Available in some locations

Annotation:Images and lists of artworks organized by districts plus maps make this a useful guide for downtown explorations. You can find a copy at the Visitor Information Center in Pioneer Square: 701 S.W. Sixth Ave. at Morrison St. 503.275.8355

Annotation:This guide provides descriptions and maps for a walking (or transit tour) of 13 downtown fountains, spanning the distance from the Keller Auditorium to the Pearl District.

Annotation: The searchable database provides information and images of more than 1800 publicly owned artwork in the City and County. You can simply browse through the collection (click on an image to learn more about it, including title, year completed, location, artist statement, and funding source), or narrow your search to specific collections – such as the Visual Chronicle of Portland, the Portable Works Collection, or the Public Art Murals Program.

Caro By Wilkin, Karen (Book - 1991 ) 730.92 C292r Available in some locations

Annotation:An elegant book, of nearly all images, that explores Anthony Caro's work in the context of eight themes that "are intended to lead the reader into a principal concern that each sculpture addresses." Each theme, "The Ground" "Drawing in Space" etc. includes a short text that captures the essence of forms evident in the sculptures.

Portland's Public Art
Portland's Public Art A Guide and History By Gleason, Norma Catherine (Book - 1983 ) 709.7954 G554p Available in some locations

Annotation:Though published in 1983, this book, co-authored by Norma Catherine Gleason and Chet Orloff, is still useful for descriptions of the many historic public art works that can be seen in downtown Portland streets and walkways.

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A selection of books from Central Library about sculptors of the outdoor public art works in downtown Portland. This list is based upon "A Guide to Portland Public Art" from the Regional Arts & Culture Council and "Portland's Municipal Fountains: A Self-Guide Tour" published by the Portland Water Bureau.

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