Multcolib Research Picks: Portland Mini-Maker Faire 2013

Annotation:Come visit the library at Portland's Mini Maker Faire. "Portland Mini Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people share what they are making and learning."

Annotation:Want to build a house? Make microbrews? Be part of the maker faire movement? Are you the DIY type who knits sweaters and weaves wool? Explore crafty ideas and projects including sewing, beading and needlework, projects for the home, and other handmade items.

Makers [the New Industrial Revolution] By Anderson, Chris Audiobook CD - 2012 CD- 338.04 A5458m Available in some locations

Annotation:"Anderson takes you to the front lines of a new industrial revolution...In an age of custom-fabricated, do-it-yourself product design and creation, the collective potential of a million garage tinkerers and enthusiasts is about to be unleashed, driving a resurgence of American manufacturing."

Robot Builder's Bonanza
Robot Builder's Bonanza By McComb, Gordon Book - 2011 629.892 M129r 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:"Presents instructions for more than one hundred robotic projects, describing useful tools, materials, and techniques, along with practical advice on power supply, robot locomotion, arm systems, circuit boards, microcontrollers, and remote control systems."

Making Things Move
Making Things Move DIY Mechanisms for Inventors, Hobbyists, and Artists By Roberts, Dustyn Book - 2011 621.8 R6438m 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:"Learn how to successfully build moving mechanisms through non-technical explanations, examples, and do-it-yourself projects--from kinetic art installations to creative toys to energy-harvesting devices."

The TAB Guide to DIY Welding
The TAB Guide to DIY Welding Hands-on Projects for Hobbyists, Handymen, and Artists By Morley, Jackson Book - 2013 671.52 M8644t 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:"A practical guide with step-by-step instructions and hands-on projects for making useful objects for around the home, as well as fun artistic projects. For beginning artists, DIYers, and hobbyists."

Hacking Electronics
Hacking Electronics An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists By Monk, Simon Book - 2013 621.38 M745h 2013 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"Shows how to hack sensors, accelerometers, remote controllers, ultrasonic rangefinders, motors, stereo equipment, microphones, and FM transmitters."

Fashioning Technology
Fashioning Technology A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting By Pakhchyan, Syuzi Book - 2008 745.5 P152f 2008 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"With 'smart' materials, unorthodox assembly techniques, and the right tools, you can create accessories, housewares, and toys that light up, make sounds, or do even more. Fashioning Technology is an introductory DIY book that brings technology and crafts together in a fun and unique way."

The Sweater Chop Shop
The Sweater Chop Shop Sewing One-of-a-kind Creations From Recycled Sweaters By ffrench, Crispina Book - 2009 746 F437s 2009 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"You don't even need a sewing machine to upcycle old sweaters into new wearables, blankets, pillows, and dolls that are fresh, playful, and utterly captivating. It's as easy as felting the wool, cutting the pieces for your new project, and stitching everything together using simple hand-sewing skills."

Recraft How to Turn Second-hand Stuff Into Beautiful Things for your Home, Family and Friends By Duchars, Sara Book - 2012 745.5 D826r 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:"Includes 50 projects to give old things a new lease of life...ReCraft is about allowing your second-hand finds to inspire you!"

Recycling Projects for the Evil Genius
Recycling Projects for the Evil Genius By Gehrke, Russel Book - 2011 628.4458 G311r 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:"Using easy-to-find components and tools, this do-it-yourself book shows you how to brew up green cleaners, transform all types of paper into building materials, safety rid your home and yard of pests, and much more--all on the cheap!"

The Fundamentals of Product Design
The Fundamentals of Product Design By Morris, Richard Book - 2009 745.2 M877f 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:"Understand the process of product design, from start to finish. More than 200 color images plus easy-to-understand flow charts... an integrated overview of the design process, gathering information about every facet from idea to execution to selling into one handy volume."

Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Thing An Introduction to Design By Clay, Robert Book - 2009 745.2 C621b 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:"This book presents a broad introduction to design theory and practice. Both lively and accessible, the book takes the reader step by step through the key topics of taste, design evolution, composition, colour, drawing, communication and expression."

Hooch Simplified Brewing, Winemaking & Infusing at Home By Meyer, Scott Book - 2013 641.23 M6134h 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:"This simple guide strips the art of booze-making down to its basics with clear and accessible step-by-step instructions and illustrations."

Urban Homesteading
Urban Homesteading Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living / Rachel Kaplan With K. Ruby Blume By Kaplan, Rachel Book - 2011 640 K175u 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:Concise how-to information on urban homesteading, including everything from making solar cookers to raising chickens on a small plot of land.

Whatcha Mean, What's A Zine?
Whatcha Mean, What's A Zine? The Art of Making Zines and Minicomics By Todd, Mark Book - 2006 ZINE 070.572 TODD

Annotation:"This book is for anyone who wants to create their own zine. It's for learning tips and tricks from contributors who have been at the fore front of the zine movement. It's for getting inspired to put thoughts and ideas down on paper. It's for learning how to design and print your own zine so you can put it in others' hands."

The Best of Instructables
The Best of Instructables Volume 1 Book - 2009 600 B561i 2009 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Some of the best articles from, with "plenty of clear, full-color photographs, complete step-by-step instructions, as well as tips, tricks, and new build techniques you won't find anywhere else."

Brick City
Brick City Global Icons to Make From Lego By Elsmore, Warren Book - 2013 720.228 E496b 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:"More than 100 famous landmarks in LEGO form, including the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, La Sagrada Familia, the Trevi Fountain and the Empire State Building."

Spark How Creativity Works By Burstein, Julie Book - 2012 153.35 B9729s 2012 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"Journalist Julie Burstein traces the roots of some of the twenty-first century's most influential and creative thinkers" and "ulls back the curtain to reveal the sources of these artists' inspiration and the processes that bring their work into being."

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The library is a paradise for makers, and in honor of the 2nd Annual Portland Mini-Maker Faire, sponsored by OMSI, we created a list of books covering everything from robotics to zine making. Whatever it is you want to create, we have the resources, the knowledge and the friendly librarians to help you.