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What Tree Is That?
What Tree Is That? A Guide to the More Common Trees Found in North America (Book - 2009 ) 582.16097 W555 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:A unique field guide that uses a step-by-step approach to identify common trees of North America, this book helps readers recognize more than 250 varieties based on trunk bark, leaf margins and textures, pods, nuts, and the arrangement of leaves on twigs.

National Audubon Society First Field Guide
National Audubon Society First Field Guide Trees By Cassie, Brian (Book - 1999 ) j 582.16 C345nt 1999 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:This is a visual guide to the natural science of trees as well as a field guide to the trees found in the United States and Canada.

Trees By Coombes, Allen J. (Book - 2002 ) 582.16 C775t 2002 Available in some locations

Annotation: Designed to cut through the complicated identification process to enable you to recognize a species instantly, this book explains what a tree is, how trees are classified and how to keep a record of trees you have seen. To help you in the initial stages of identification, the book provides a visual key that shows you the differences between conifers, broadleaves and palms, identifies each genus by leaf type and guides you to the correct species entry.

Tell Me, Tree
Tell Me, Tree All About Trees for Kids By Gibbons, Gail (Book - 2002 ) j 582.16 G441t 2002 Beginning Facts Available in some locations

Annotation:This large-format guide discusses the parts of a tree and their functions, the growth of trees, and the different types of trees. It introduces topics such as photosynthesis and the meaning of terms such as phloem and cambium. In the almost wordless section on identification, the shapes of 15 different trees are shown alongside close-ups of their leaves and bark. The book closes with a discussion of how trees are useful to people, animals, and the environment, and directions for making a tree identification book.

The Tree Book
The Tree Book For Kids and Their Grown-ups By Ingoglia, Gina (Book - 2008 ) j 582.16 I53t 2008 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:The first part of this clearly-written book is about trees in general--their structure, how they grow and reproduce, and other interesting facts. The second part will help readers identify and learn about more than thirty different kinds of trees found in North America. The author's beautiful drawings illustrate many carefully-observed details.

My Favorite Tree
My Favorite Tree Terrific Trees of North America By Iverson, Diane (Book - 1999 ) j 582.16 I94m 1999 Beginning Facts All copies in use Availability details Holds: 3 on 2 copies

Annotation:Find out about the traits and uses of twenty-six North American trees, from the ash to the yew, and learn about notable or historic specimens.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees By More, David (Book - 2013 ) 582.1603 M835i 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation: Information in this book is divided by family: pine, willow, walnut, etc., and then by type of tree within that family. Included within each type listing are multiple illustrations of each tree as both a new planting and adult size; characteristics of its bark from sapling to adult tree; fronts and backs of leaves/needles/buds for all variations; types of fruit, cones, and seeds produced; and planting considerations based on hardiness, wood type, and height. There is a glossary of terms; an index of scientific names and one of English names.

Redwoods, Hemlocks & Other Cone-bearing Plants
Redwoods, Hemlocks & Other Cone-bearing Plants By Parker, Steve (Book - 2009 ) j 585 P2433r 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:This book introduces you to an interesting group of plants, from the mighty redwoods to the sharp needled spruces. It examines the various types of conifers, their reproductive methods, and how they get their energy. It also looks at the ecological importance of these woody plants and how they are used in industry.

Celebritrees Historic & Famous Trees of the World By Preus, Margi (Book - 2010 ) j 582.16 P943c 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:Some trees have lived many lifetimes, standing as silent witnesses to history. Some are remarkable for their age and stature; others for their usefulness. A bristlecone pine tree in California has outlived man by almost 4,000 years; a baobab tree in Australia served as a prison for Aboriginal prisoners at the turn of the twentieth century; and a major oak in England was used as a hiding place for Robin Hood and his men (or so the story goes...). The fourteen trees in this book have earned the title "Celebritrees" for their global fame and significance. Both in fact and in legend, these fascinating trees remind us not only how much pleasure trees bring, but what they can tell us about history.

The Sibley Guide to Trees
The Sibley Guide to Trees By Sibley, David (Book - 2009 ) 582.16097 S564s 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:This guide to trees of North America concisely describes each of 600 species of trees. The prolific illustrations assist in field identification. The author assumes that someone who is trying to identify a tree already knows to which group of trees the unidentified tree belongs--walnuts, for example. From there, side-by-side color drawings are used to make distinctions. Flowers, fruits, bark, and leaves are presented separately. The author mentions challenging groups of trees that will prove difficult to identify with any precision. Distribution maps are critical for accurate identification, and are included for nearly all species. At the outset, the author describes how to get started; he then discusses the definition of a tree, conservation, plant structures used to identify plants, and much more.

I Can Name 50 Trees Today!
I Can Name 50 Trees Today! [all About Trees] By Worth, Bonnie (Book - 2006 ) j 582.16 W932i 2006 Beginning Facts Available in some locations

Annotation:While stopping to admire some of the world's most amazing trees, the Cat and Co. teach beginning readers how to identify different species from the shape of their crowns, leaves, lobes, seeds, bark, and fruit. Kids will learn about many trees common to North America.


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