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Parnassus on Wheels
Parnassus on Wheels By Morley, Christopher (Book - 2010 ) FICTION MORLEY 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:The beguiling but little known prequel to Christopher Morely's beloved Haunted Bookshop is the story of a fictional travelling book-selling business.

The Haunted Bookshop
The Haunted Bookshop By Morley, Christopher (Book - 2013 ) FICTION MORLEY 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:The Haunted Bookshop begins with a young advertising man stopping by a bookstore in the hopes of finding a new client. He meets the proprietor and does not succeed in selling advertising copy, but is intrigued by Mifflin and his conviction concerning the value books and booksellers have to the world.

The Girl With the Golden Eyes
The Girl With the Golden Eyes By Balzac, Honoré de (Book - 2007 ) FICTION BALZAC All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Raw as Honor de Balzac is famed to be, this daring novella-never before published as a stand-alone book-is perhaps the most outlandish thing he ever wrote. The Girl with the Golden Eyes tells the story of a rich and ruthless young man in nineteenth century Paris caught up in an amorous entanglement with a mysterious beauty.

The Nice Old Man and the Pretty Girl
The Nice Old Man and the Pretty Girl By Svevo, Italo (Book - 2010 ) FICTION SVEVO 2010

Annotation:The fable-like story of an old man's sexual obsession with a young woman is a distillation of Italo Svevo's concerns: individual conscience versus social convention and the cost of desire.

The Lemoine Affair
The Lemoine Affair By Proust, Marcel (Book - 2008 ) FICTION PROUST 2008 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:This was inspired by the real-life French scandal involving Henri Lemoine, who claimed he could manufacture diamonds from coal and convinced numerous people to invest in the scheme.

The Pathseeker
The Pathseeker By Kertész, Imre (Book - 2008 ) FICTION KERTESZ Available in some locations

Annotation:"There's no such thing as chance...only injustice." From the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature for "writing that upholds the fragile experience of the individual against the barbaric arbitrariness of history..."

The North of God
The North of God By Stern, Steve (Book - 2008 ) FICTION STERN 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:In a boxcar crammed with Jews headed for a concentration camp, one man attempts to tell a story vital enough to displace the horror.

The Death of the Author
The Death of the Author By Adair, Gilbert (Book - 2008 ) FICTION ADAIR 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:Part murder mystery and all jet-black satire, and based on a real life scandal, this edgy novella tells the story of Léopold Sfax, world-renowned as the creator of "The Theory."

Close to Jedenew
Close to Jedenew By Vennemann, Kevin (Book - 2008 ) FICTION VENNEMANN 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:Terrified and hiding in the woods as if in a German fairy tale gone horribly awry, a group of children tell the tale of a small Polish village run amok. With no provocation from the still-distant Nazis, the farmers of tiny Jedenew unite to launch a murderous rampage against the local Jews who have long been their friends and neighbors, even their benefactors.

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Too short to be a novel, too long to be a short story, the novella is generally unrecognized by academics and publishers. Nonetheless, it is a form beloved and practiced by literature's greatest writers. In the Art of the Novella series, Melville House celebrates this renegade art form and its practitioners with titles that are, in many instances, presented in book form for the first time.

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