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Big Hair and Plastic Grass
Big Hair and Plastic Grass A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging '70s By Epstein, Dan Book - 2010 796.3570973 E645b 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:The decadence of the '70's spilled onto the baseball diamond too. A great, easy read and very entertaining. Read with some Funkadelic on the speakers?

Satchel Paige
Satchel Paige Striking Out Jim Crow By Sturm, James Book - 2007 jgn 796.357 STURM Available in some locations

Annotation:Baseball, humanity, passion, and integrity. These are legion on the pages of this monumental comic story for anyone ages 0-Infinity. I can't recommend this book any higher.

The Summer of Beer and Whiskey
The Summer of Beer and Whiskey How Brewers, Barkeeps, Rowdies, Immigrants, and A Wild Pennant Fight Made Baseball America's Game By Achorn, Edward Book - 2013 796.357 A179s 2013 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:A new, informative, and rowdy story about the integration of a new league, the beauty of concession stands, and the immigrant determination that practically saved the game.

Baseball in the Garden of Eden
Baseball in the Garden of Eden The Secret History of the Early Game By Thorn, John Book - 2011 796.3570973 T496b 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:Early baseball was more than just Abner Doubleday and Honus Wagner's card. This book is definitive for the 19th century history buff, not just baseball fans. So full of love and passion, an excellent mental daguerreotype of the game's genesis.

We Are the Ship
We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball By Nelson, Kadir Book - 2008 j 796.357 N427w 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:Know who Josh Gibson, Buck O'Neil, or Rube Foster were? These and other great players never got their due in the Major Leagues, but this title will open your eyes to hidden greatness. A wonderful history and chronicle by Nelson.

The Eastern Stars
The Eastern Stars How Baseball Changed the Dominican Town of San Pedro De Macorís By Kurlansky, Mark Book - 2010 796.3570729382 K9687e 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:The Dominican Republic has churned out some of baseball's most historic players and this book relates how most of them came from poverty but with one ultimate goal: get to the Show in MLB. A finely written account of the Hispanic influence on U.S. baseball.

The Baseball
The Baseball Stunts, Scandals, and Secrets Beneath the Stitches By Hample, Zack Book - 2011 796.3570973 H229b 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:Hample has put together an enjoyable book full of trivia and lore surrounding that essential piece of cork, rubber, and leather with 108 stitches. For fans and non-fans alike, a very accessible little nugget.

Outsider Baseball
Outsider Baseball The Weird World of Hardball on the Fringe, 1876-1950 By Simkus, Scott Book - 2014 796.357 S5899o 2014 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:This book escorts you to the greatness of the teams and players trying to make a name for themselves by simply trying to get to the Major Leagues. Tooth and nail, blood and grime, find out what it was like on baseball's outer edges.

The Greatest Game Ever Pitched
The Greatest Game Ever Pitched Juan Marichal, Warren Spahn, and the Pitching Duel of the Century By Kaplan, Jim eBook - 2011 Click here for full text »

Annotation:Even if you're not a Giants or Braves fan, take a ride through Kaplan's epic account of the 16-inning Arms Race in a 1963 Candlestick Park duel. Today, pitchers are lucky to go 6 innings and over 100 pitches. They don't play them like this anymore, folks.

Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert
Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert The Wild Saga of Interracial Baseball Before Jackie Robinson By Gay, Timothy M. Book - 2010 796.35764 G285s 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:Another retrospective of racial integration and the nation's exposure to the game, this book details the pre-WWII barnstormers: baseball's equivalent to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. See Gibson hit! Watch Satchel pitch! Only 2-bits a seat!

Baseball's Golden Age
Baseball's Golden Age The Photographs of Charles M. Conlon By Conlon, Charles Martin Book - 2011 796.357 C75219b 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:For those who want to see and not just read classic baseball, Conlon's photos are akin to Edward Curtis's iconic Native American shots. Spanning 1904-1942, with some famous and some not, you can practically hear the radio broadcaster in each photograph...

Field of Screams
Field of Screams Haunted Tales From the Baseball Diamond, the Locker Room, and Beyond By Bradley, Mickey Book - 2010 796.3570973 B8117f 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:Ghosts and baseball? Seems gimmicky, right? Don't be fooled, these stories will make you laugh and give you some chills. Don't judge by its cover!

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