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A Discovery of Witches
A Discovery of Witches By Harkness, Deborah E. Book - 2011 FICTION HARKNESS 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:Scholar Diana Bishop mistakenly requests a bewitched manuscript for her research. She belongs to a family of witches--but because she's avoiding using her powers in favor of scientific pursuits, she sends the manuscript back into storage. What she doesn't realize is, she's already started down a path toward a life she wants to avoid.

Master Georgie
Master Georgie A Novel By Bainbridge, Beryl Book - 1998 FICTION BAINBRIDG Available in some locations

Annotation:George Hardy, surgeon and photographer - sets off from the cold squalor of Victorian Liverpool for the heat and glitter of the Bosphorus to offer his services in the Crimea, a small caravan of devoted followers straggling behind, all of them driven onwards through a rising tide of death and disease by a shared and mysterious guilt. Combining a breathtaking eye for beauty with a visceral understanding of mortality, Beryl Bainbridge exposes her enigmatic hero as tenderly and unsparingly as she reveals the filth and misery of war, and creates a novel of luminous depth and extraordinary intensity.

The Children's Book
The Children's Book A Novel By Byatt, A. S. Book - 2009 FICTION BYATT 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:A tale spanning the end of the Victorian era through World War I finds famous children's book author Olive Wellwood taking in a runaway and exposing the boy to dark truths about her family's summer bacchanals at their rambling country house.

The Bookman's Tale
The Bookman's Tale A Novel of Obsession By Lovett, Charles C. Book - 2013 MYSTERY LOVETT 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:Antiquarian book enthusiast Peter Byerly discovers an eighteenth-century study of Shakespeare forgeries that contains a Victorian portrait strongly resembling his late wife, a finding that sparks an obsessive search through the bard's historical period. Available in ebook.

Juliet A Novel By Fortier, Anne Book - 2010 FICTION FORTIER 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:When Julie Jacobs leaves for Italy per the instructions of her late aunt's will, she never imagines that she'll be thrust into a centuries-old feud, not to mention one of the most legendary romances of all time.

The Bloodletter's Daughter
The Bloodletter's Daughter A Novel of Old Bohemia By Lafferty, Linda Book - 2012 FICTION LAFFERTY 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:Set in Prague and outer Bohemia in the early seventeenth century, the book’s backdrop is at once dazzling and gloomy. An embarrassment and a liability to his sophisticated father, Don Julius is exiled to a remote village, where he becomes obsessed with Marketa Pichler, an educated and ambitious bath maiden and the daughter of the local barber and bloodletter. As the tension between science and superstition mounts, the fine line between reason and insanity is irrevocably breached. Lafferty has composed a passionate Bohemian rhapsody, replete with enough mysticism, madness, and mayhem to keep the pages turning.

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