Multcolib My Librarian Karen S: When is a revolution not a revolution?

My Crazy Century
My Crazy Century By Klíma, Ivan Book - 2013 891.86 K65mc 2013 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Czech writer Ivan Klima painstakingly recalls what it was like for him and his countrymen after the Nazi were driven out by the Soviets Army and replaced by four decades of Communism.

An Orange Revolution
An Orange Revolution A Personal Journey Through Ukrainian History By Krushelnycky, Askold Book - 2006 947.7086 K94o 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:The Ukraine's Orange Revolution came later than most. The author traces the story of his family, who paid a high price for speaking out, in this captivating book about a treacherous but defining moment in European history.

Orange Winter
Orange Winter DVD - 2006 DVD 947.7086 ORANGE Available in some locations

Annotation:In November 2004 the people of Kiev, Ukraine, took to the streets in thousands, protesting a rigged presidential election. The traditionally silent country erupted and a revolution was born.

Simple Stories
Simple Stories By Schulze, Ingo Book - 2000 FICTION SCHULZE Available in some locations

Annotation:These loosely connected short stories look at life in an East German town a year after the wall fell. Blackmail, nervous breakdowns and black humor still linger from the Soviet days.

Good bye Lenin!
Good bye Lenin! DVD - 2004 German DVD Foreign GOOD Available in some locations

Annotation:Alix's mom was in a coma when the wall fell--and surely if she finds out what happened, she'll have a heart attack. The laugh out loud comedy builds as deception adds to deception, but is this not also a parable about the changing times?

The Singing Revolution
The Singing Revolution DVD - 2008 DVD 947.9808 SINGING All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Estonia has a custom of huge, community, choral gatherings. They used these to their advantage to out maneuver the Soviets. Watch this if only to see the scene of Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians holding hands across countries.

White Raven
White Raven By Stasiuk, Andrzej Book - 2000 FICTION STASIUK All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:White Raven By Stasiuk, Andrzej (Book - 2000) Available at one of my preferred locations Annotation: An Ukrainian author tells the tale of two Polish men completely at a loss after the fall of communism. Their road trip is as much about deep feelings and philosophy as survival.

The View From Stalin's Head
The View From Stalin's Head Stories By Hamburger, Aaron eBook - 2004

Annotation:In these short stories set in early 1990s Prague, Hamburger's expatriate point of view includes plenty of getting to know the local Czechs.

Vsichni dobri rodaci
Vsichni dobri rodaci All my good countrymen DVD - 2008 Czech DVD Foreign VSICHNI All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:The Czechs formed a resistance movement before the Soviets invaded in 1968, so this one is a great piece of pre-Velvet history, where we can mourn what the Czechs and Slovaks lost.

The Last Hundred Days
The Last Hundred Days A Novel By McGuinness, Patrick Book - 2012 FICTION MCGUINNES 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:A British student unwittingly becomes embroiled in Romanian corruption and freedom fighting as the Soviets begin to lose power. Like the protagonist, we soon lose track of who might be blackmailing whom.

12:08 east of Bucharest
12:08 east of Bucharest DVD - 2007 Romanian DVD Foreign TWELVE Available in some locations

Annotation:In a small town near Bucharest, not only is it not clear what happened during the final days of dictator Ceaușescu, but if the old-timers who claim to have taken part in the events of 1990 were even there. Of course, there is the archival television footage...

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In 1989 the strong arm of the Soviet Republic became so weak that the Berlin Wall fell. Czechoslovakia had a "Velvet Revolution" and Estonia a "Singing Revolution." Yet the taste of Soviet life lingered on in many ways in the 1990s. Read and watch these tales and memoirs of resistance and corruption, flavored by the deep irony and absurd humor. Karen S

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