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My Librarian Is A Camel
My Librarian Is A Camel How Books Are Brought to Children Around the World By Ruurs, Margriet Book - 2005 | First edition

I think everyone who is a librarian in some way or form collects librarian memorabilia whether it be comics, action figures, library newspaper articles or books. There is just something interesting about our profession. This book shows what libraries are like in other countries and more likely than not, it is not the traditional building we have in the United States. This book features non-traditional libraries from six continents. In Finland they have turned boats into libraries. In Indonesia they have people ride bicycles with cabinets on them filled with books. Other countries use animals such as camels, horses and elephants to cart books around. And in England they use wheelbarrows to go up and down the beach lending books. This book is highly enjoyable and filled with lots of color photographs. Staff picks 2008

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