Queens of Geek
Queens of Geek By Wilde, Jen Book - 2017 | First edition

I quite adored this book. I loved the examination of counter-culture and all of the nerdy references. It was exactly what a con should be and is (though I will admit I have never been in a themed maze at a con but maybe someday). I loved that there were Youtubers and writers and geeks of all fandoms. It explored the creative nature of these people and I liked it. More importantly, it describes the bonds you feel with other like-minded people.

Additionally, I enjoyed the diversity within this book: neurodiversity, racial diversity, fandom diversity. It was something that was in the book but it did not define the book. Yes, Charlie is bi but she's also an actress, Austrailian, Chinese, a Youtuber, has pink hair -- there is so much more to her. Same with Taylor who has social anxiety but she's also an Aspie girl, a cosplayer, a fangirl, a writer and I love all of that.

My one critique is that this story went too fast. There were a lot of lessons learned in a short time and a lot of relationships formed in that time as well. Also, I felt this story did a great job of breaking down stereotypes except with the character Reese, I would have liked to make him more dynamic as well. Jamie was similar for me -- he just seemed to be the perfect best-friend-turned-boyfriend and that bothered me. I would have liked to have him more well-rounded. Also this story doesn't pass the reverse Bechtel Test and I just like it when stories pass both for, you know, equality and such.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.

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