The Heiress Effect
The Heiress Effect Brothers Sinister Series, Book 2 By Milan, Courtney eBook - 2013

Emotionally turbulent M/F romance in 1867 England between two characters who are trying to hide in plain sight. Jane Fairfield is an heiress who can't get married without leaving her younger sister unprotected, so she pretends to be absolutely horrible hoping that no one will ask her. Oliver Marshall, the bastard son of a duke, has chameleon-ed his way into the social circle of nobility, hoping to make a career in politics so he can push reforms to benefit common people. They are wildly drawn to each other... but having Jane as a wife would wreck Oliver's career, and marrying would put Jane's sister at risk.

What struck me the most about this book: Milan's passionate engagement with political and social themes; the pain of knowing that someone exists who really understands you, and not being able to be close to them; the resilience of women; the respectful depiction of the true diversity of England at that time. Tremendously well-written, made my heart ache in a good way, and I especially liked the secondary romance between Jane's sister, who has epilepsy, and an Indian immigrant lawyer. They are both adorable.

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