How Dare the Sun Rise
How Dare the Sun Rise Memoirs of A War Child By Uwiringiyimana, Sandra Book - 2017 | First edition

How Dare The Sun Rise, is truly an inspirational story full of raw emotions. Sandra really takes the reader into her life and on a journey, from growing up in Africa to fleeing to America and meeting the Obamas. I would definitely recommend everyone to read this memoir because it really opened my eyes to the reality of immigrants. Sandra tells her side of what it is really like for an immigrant to move from their home land to an entirely different country. Sandra did not only just struggle with fitting into American society, but also fighting depression after everything that had happened back in the Congo. My favorite part about this memoir would be when she was trying to learn how to speak english and how she improved in her education. If you like to read memoirs or any nonfiction novel, then this book is the book for you.

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