Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun By Meyer, Stephenie Book - 2020 | First edition

Midnight Sun was an incredible book!! I really liked hearing the story from Edward's perspective. You can see how much he loves Bella. The PERFECT fairy-tale love - the very best kind. Also, it was SO great to get to know the Cullens better. Each character is so unique and carefully crafted, and yet they fit together into the most amazing family ever. I so love the relationships they share - again, fairy-tale families are the absolute best. Emmett is the most awesome, funny brother. Rosalie is a fascinating person and I liked to hear about her relationship with Emmett. Jasper is so cool and nice. Esme is the best mother, and she cares so much about her kids. Carlisle is the best, and he is so kind to everyone. And Alice...well Alice is sort of beyond words, but I am her biggest fan. I am so glad Stephenie Meyer wrote this last installation. It really ties the entire story together. Although I would gladly read a hundred more Twilight books!!

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