Lately I have been reading mystery/detective novels written by people in other countries. One of the most interesting literary adventures I have undertaken. Not only have I discovered some fascinating new writers (new to me) I am learning a lot about other cultures.

This particular author may just be the best of the lot. Give him time. I did not like the book, or rather did not get it, until halfway through. Then I started to appreciate the plot and subtleties and story line. The book is set in Iceland - a country of around only 300,000 people. It offers you some very good glimpses of the culture, society, and family life that I do not think you will find elsewhere.

At times the difficulty of translating the book, I understand Icelandic is a very hard language to learn, shows through. Oddly that ads to the interest of the book rather than taking away from it although you wonder sometimes if the translation is accurate or if an exact translation is even possible.

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