Anatomy for Runners
Anatomy for Runners Unlocking your Athletic Potential for Health, Speed, and Injury Prevention By Dicharry, Jay Book - 2012

The pages of "Anatomy for Runners" hold fantastic information on the hows and whys of both overcoming running injuries and increasing performance. Physical therapist and coach Jay Dicharry exposes the root causes of injury: we don't know how to stabilize our spine, hips, knees and feet appropriately. The book covers everything from anatomy to gait mechanics to corrective exercises to footwear; it even includes a self-assessment process to determine whether you're mobile and stable enough to run.

Dicharry writes from the perspective of a formerly often-injured runner so fellow runners will identify with his point of view. His words will give hope to anyone with arthritis, worn cartilage, torn menisci or other injuries that have led physicians to advise: stop running. Kudos to the author for presenting rather technical information in a fun, easy-to-read way.

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