Northlanders Volume 7, The Icelandic Trilogy By Wood, Brian Book - 2012

I really, really wanted to like this Volume. In truth, I couldn't even make myself finish it. Lame, one dimensional characters. Kind of sums up the whole of the Viking's saga by Brian Wood. There was some great action and Quantin Tarantino-esque dialogue+violence, but as the saga continued I couldn't apologize any more for the flaws and lack of depth in the series.

When I saw thebackcover description about a family that was allegedly a criminal dynasty, I thought "here we go! This is what I've been waiting for from this whole darn series!" and I envisioned that this was to be a masterpiece of storytelling and would rescue the whole Viking's series with a 9th inning grand slam. But it came up lame to close out the series, and failed it's chance to redeem some of it's failed predecessor volumes in my eyes.

Not even worth reading this one, don't be fooled by the cool cover art. If you like Brian Wood, try DMZ, Starve, or the soon to-be-released Rebels instead, they are very good reading!

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