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Now You See It
Now You See It How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn By Davidson, Cathy N. Book - 2011

-mixed feelings about this book, although it's a very interesting read. Davidson is a down-to-earth observer; a smart commentator and an engaging story-teller. There are terrific anecdotes here about the fascinating characters who, as "early adapters", are the movers and shakers in new types of learning and working. Exploring the intersection of neurological insights and technological developments in the interests of revamped pedagogical theory and practice, she offers a plethora of intriguing and persuasive examples. While reading, her enthusiasm is infectious, but I'm still processing the information and assessing the insights. Having virtually no interest in electronic gaming, I have to say I'm skeptical about its worth, despite evidence of putative value for education and maintaining a youthful, flexible brain. Davidson's take is almost giddily optimistic at times, and she doesn't address concerns raised by other authors such as those in Virtually You: The Dangers of the E-personality.

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