Patsy Walker, A.k.a. Hellcat!
Patsy Walker, A.k.a. Hellcat! Vol. 1, Hooked on A Feline By Leth, Kate Book - 2016

Patsy Walker: Hellcat is exactly what mainstream superhero comics needs. Like The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Hellcat is fun and full of personality--a charming character showcase. It's bright and inviting, striking a fine contrast against much of the doom and gloom so many other comics of the genre get sucked into. That's not to say it is purely frivolous. Actual character growth occurs over the course of the series and the cast of characters grows more and more to showcase a kind of diversity lacking in most mainstream comics. This series is a great example of a book that can and should be enjoyed by anyone, one of the few modern superhero comics I could truly recommend for younger readers, though written with a sharpness of wit that will appeal to older fans. A true rarity.

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