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Clever, exciting, funny, with several plot twists that will keep you turning pages almost too fast to also absorb the excellent characterization. First book in a series of uniformly terrific stories.

In Turner’s fictional medieval world, the focus is on three neighboring rival countries, bound together by the necessities of trade, but which are always on the verge of war. Eddis is a mountainous country which controls the pass that allows trade between Attolia and Sounis. Gen, short for “Eugenides,” is a professional thief. In this first book, he is hired by a wizard and a soldier from Sounis to help them find a sacred relic which may hold the key to power in this medieval-like world. They don’t know that Gen is from Eddis and has his own agenda to protect his country. The book is classified as a children's novel but the series becomes more teen and adult-like with succeeding volumes. It's impossible to put down, and you will want to quickly jump on to #2, *The Queen of Attolia.*

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