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Eugenides, the thief who can steal anything, is in prison for stealing the King of Sounis’s seal. However, the magus of Sounis has discovered the location of Hamiathes’s gift, a stone that gives its owner eternal life. The magus, a loyal adviser of the king who knows every fact, is an old man, and he requires the help of a master thief to steal the stone from its temple. Gen is offered a chance at freedom if he successfully steals Hamiathes’s Gift for the king and brings it back. He quickly leaves on the journey with the magus, the magus’s two apprentices Ambiades and Sophos, and the soldier Pol. They endure many hardships together on their near-impossible quest, and many plot twists keep readers guessing at what will happen next.
My favorite aspect of the book is how the relationships between characters grow and change. At first, Gen is seen by all as an annoying necessity for the success of the mission, and he annoys everyone. However, as time goes on, they learn to respect each other and grow closer. However, his relationship with Ambiades moves in the opposite direction. Ambiades feels that being the grandson of a duke, he is better than scum such as Gen. The addition of this relationship keeps the plot interesting as the next big fight is always waiting to happen. I also liked how Turner advanced the plot, adding suspense until the very end. Whenever it seems that the mission will be successful, a new problem arises. One surprising aspect of this book is the lack of romance. Books targeted towards the teen audience typically have this element. I feel that more background about the personal lives of those traveling with Gen would have strengthened the story and made it more appealing to a wider audience. I would recommend it to every teen who appreciates a well-written novel.

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