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Logan's Run
Logan's Run DVD - 2007 | Widescreen version and standard version

Jessica 6: "We ARE going on, aren't we?" Logan 5: "There's nothing to go on to, Jessica." Jessica 6: "There's sanctuary! There is!" Logan 5: "You want there to be one, but that doesn't - " Jessica: "There HAS to be! I KNOW it exists!" Logan 5: "No it doesn't, not really... just so many people want it to exist... so many people who don't want to die... They, they want it so much that a place called sanctuary becomes real... but, but it doesn't exist... It NEVER existed… just the HOPE…" Jessica 6: "YOU'RE WRONG! IT HAS TO BE!" Logan 5: "...Oh Jessica..." Jessica 6: "...It has to be..."

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