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Logan's Run
Logan's Run DVD - 2007 | Widescreen version and standard version

This is not just a tale; this is a symbolic depiction of the planned future. If you listened to the talk radio programs (which are "fictitious" or freak, as they want you to think), in 2009 they said that the present civilization is imperfect and will collapse. They said that a New Creation is comiing, which they called "post-modern," "post-industrial" and "post-human." That new society will eliminate the personal freedom of choice, which is leading (bec. of individual selfishness) toward catastrophy. It will be totally planned and controlled, in dome cities separated from Nature. The present giant cities are not sustainable and will be abandoned, as they show us in the "I am legend" movie. The public is just not thinking about the future - they are just being selfish in the present and will end up in the ditch by so doing. In this movie you can see the rusted remains of the present "modern" cities, and that's the real plan for the future. The crowd was never thinking, is not thinkiing, and this and their selfish behavior is the cause of most of the troubles of the past and the future to come.

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