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Have the tissues nearby as you read this heartwarming tale about August “Auggie” Pullman, a ten year old boy heading to school for the first time, after being unable to previously attend due to his twenty seven plus surgeries medically necessary to correct the genetic condition he was born with that basically renders him without a face. Well, ok, he does sort of have a face, but it’s one that frightens people the minute they set their eyes upon it. As Auggie describes it – he has - partial cauliflower ears halfway down his face that look like a newborn’s clenched fist sticking out the side of his head, sunken cheeks atop melted wrinkled skin, and eyes that are mismatched and slanted in a drooping, yet bulging way. Auggie is used to the stares and whispers of strangers on the street but now that he’s enrolled in school like all the other “normal” ten year olds, can he actually just be a normal kid and just be Auggie? Because to him, that’s all he is, a ten year old boy aching to fit in and make some friends, but will the other students at Beecher Prep be able to look past his face and see him for whom he really is? This story takes you from September to June of Auggie’s fifth grade year and you will laugh and cry alike. A great read for anyone looking for a wonderful story. Reviewed by DH

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