Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies By Moriarty, Liane Book - 2014 | First American edition

The perfect book to curl up with during a storm and just read through. Fast paced and addictive enough to finish in a day for sure (in fact I did!).

The mystery/thriller aspect of this book was very addictive. I didn't guess who had died, how, or why until the very end. Moriarty is a master of slowly revealing small pieces of the bigger puzzle to keep you hooked.

The characters were well developed, relatable, and hilarious. The depiction of the pressures of motherhood, maintaining your own identity outside of "wife" or "mother", and the facade of beauty and happiness rang so true. I loved the interview excerpts, they were hilarious and felt very accurate to what it's like to be a single parent at a boutique school with predominantly stay at home moms.

Aside from being entertaining the book touches on the intricacies of serious topics like domestic abuse, rape, mental health issues, and bullying etc without feeling preachy or over the top. It's clear Moriarty has a much more than surface understanding of these issues and it was refreshing to see them treated as such rather than the black and white view normally portrayed in fiction.

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