This is a story that is in the form of a letter from the author to his 15 year old son. The book has 3 parts, the first part is about the author’s childhood and what it was like growing up in West Baltimore ghettos.

The second part of the book talks about the death of someone he met while attending Howard University, Prince Jones. He feels rage toward police brutality involved with his death. The author wants his son Samori to understand the weight and struggle he will have a black man in America. The author also goes to France and his eyes are opened to life in other parts of the world and how he fits in as he realizes how fear has damaged him.

The third part is about the author’s meeting with the mother of Prince Jones, Dr. Mabel Jones. She tells about her history and more about her son. The author wants to prepare his son and remind him to engage in the struggle for his own life as a black person. He wants his son to know that he is not responsible for changing white people to the struggle he sees.

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