This was just way too sickeningly cute. Sometimes I wonder at my own ability to fully immerse myself in these books, because I do often think I'm somewhat dead inside, but with this one, I found myself laughing out loud at numerous points, and despite the *spoiler * happily ever after ending, *spoiler* I did really enjoy the time I spent listening to it.

Alex is the First Son of the American President. Henry is the Prince of Wales. And they hate each other. As in, sworn enemies. Except that Alex has also always been fascinated by Henry, in a way that he can't seem to shake. After a scene at the Royal Wedding, the two are forced into a farce friendship in order to satisfy their respective countries and the media. But, naturally, their friendship develops further than anyone intended, with consequences that both men will be forced to face, whether they're ready or not.

So, this is hilarious. It's genuinely funny, and heart-warming, and adorable. The writing is so spot on; the hilarity is just so natural that I couldn't help belly laughing at multiple points. Both Alex and Henry are so real-feeling that their banter and flirting and ultimate declarations of love have stuck with me long after I finished their story.

Story-wise, though, this is pretty simple. It's escapist fiction to the utmost degree. It has some scary American politics as the backdrop to Alex and Henry's story, but really, it's a book you read in order to forget about the state of the world. It's LGBTQ+ romance that reads simultaneously like a guilty pleasure but also like a story that the world needs right now when everything feels like garbage.

One last thing that I need to mention is the narrator of the audiobook. Ramón de Ocampo was the absolute perfect choice to bring these characters to life. He is so talented and made everything pop so much. He IS both Henry and Alex in my mind, and the way he chose to personify them through their accents and ways of speaking was just so on point.

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