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Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan is based on the true story of Charley Parkhurst who lived her entire life as a man during the 1800's. She became one of the first women to vote in a presidential election (but only because they thought she was a man), owned a horse ranch and drove stagecoaches for years. No one suspected her secret until the day she died.
Charolotte Parkhurst, orphaned at the tender age of two, has been raised in an all boy orphanage. Her life revolves around cleaning and working in the kitchen. The only thing that makes her life bearable is working with the horses. She has a gift for working with horses that cannot be denied but that is exactly what happens. The owner of the orphanage decides that it isn't proper for Charlotte to be doing a "man's job" and bans her from being with the horses. Charlotte realizes that she will never be allowed to leave the orphanage and plans a daring escape. The only relatively safe way for her to travel in the 1800'sis to pretend to be a boy so she cuts her hair, changes her clothes and walks away from the orphanage forever as Charley Parkhurst. Horse loving girls ages 8 - 13 will enjoy every bit of this unforgettable story written in a page turning style.

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