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The Murder of Mary Russell
The Murder of Mary Russell A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes By King, Laurie R. Book - 2016 | First edition

Another fantastic Mary Russell story. I am kind of sad that now I have to wait for the author to write another book before I can read another story (I started reading this series a few months ago). I have to admit that due to the story skipping back and forth in time, it wasn't until I re-read it that I felt like I understood some of the more subtle plot details. I also like the fact that the author puts in details from an actual Conan Doyle story in her story, then expands upon it. (**Spoiler alert**) I felt like this book should have been called "The Murder of Mrs. Hudson", if only for the fact that it would not have frightened me with the thought of Mary Russell and the series dying. I also felt that this was less of a "what happened here?" mystery as it was learning quite a bit about Mrs. Hudson's past. I think it is a bit of a stretch and perhaps not true to Sherlock Holmes's character that (even at a young and impetuous age) he would provide a personal, profitable parole for a young woman on the wrong side of the law and in a bad place, especially when that meant that she would be his landlady and have plenty of opportunities to poison him or find some other convenient accident to kill him. The fact that he professes that there will never be any romantic connection between them makes it even more unbelievable. Perhaps if she had been a very active member of the Irregulars, it would be more understandable, but that is not possible given her near constant presence in the Conan Doyle stories. I think it is just a convenient way to tie in her backstory. Really, even if you were a great actor, would you want to play the role of a housekeeper for 40 + years? Towards the end of the book I think we get a better view of Mrs. Hudson's intelligence and also a brief moment where she is still questioning how to view Sherlock Holmes, jailer or savior? (I realize that is not quite how she puts it). My main complaint is, I don't want Clarissa, I want Mrs. Hudson back, with the traditional, comforting ways, always looking out for Mary and Holmes. I realize she might be nothing more than a stereotype until this book, but I have a hard time picturing Holmes without Mrs. Hudson in the background. Also, Holmes and Mary care about her and how are they going to get in touch with her when she's living the high life in Monaco?

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