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NOTE: THIS BOOK IS NOT for those who SPEED READ through books.

LET IT BE KNOWN: This book is for those who are up for savoring language; those who appreciate nuance in situations, relationships and life itself; and those ‘lean into’ being stimulated to think, reflect and find joy!

This book is to be delighted. Delight comes in many forms. Ross Gay, author The Book Delights, doesn’t provide us with the “jump for joy” kind of delight.
His is more of a worldly journey of a black man’s year and where he found “gems” (my word – I am thinking Gay might find a ‘ten times better’ word) to acknowledge in a grateful way. The journey will take readers into gardens, onto park benches and beyond as this published poet, this teacher of college students at Indiana University - reviews the days in his life from a given year. The result is 100 short essays of reflection by a gifted writer.

You may find that you deeply appreciate Gay’s use of language. You may find yourself charmed, re-affirmed, gently nudged to grow in a positive direction, and/or a bit challenged by the complexity [and the possibly of finding delight through influence, opinion or other surprising stimuli] of the provocative juxtaposition on events, circumstances or opportunities.
His poetry books include: Bringing the Shovel Down and Against Which.

I recommend this book! Enjoy!

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