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The Fine Print of Self-publishing
A Primer on Contracts, Printing Costs, Royalties, Distribution, E-books, and Marketing
Book - 2014
Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur
Book - 2013
The Complete Guide to Self Publishing
Everything You Need to Know to Write, Publish, Promote, and Sell your Own Book
Book - 2010
The Indie Author Guide
Self-publishing Strategies Anyone Can Use
Book - 2010
Straight to the Point
Book - 2011
Self-publishing Secrets
12 Steps to Success
Book - 2011
Indie Publishing
How to Design and Produce your Own Book
Book - 2008
Dan Poynter's Self-publishing Manual
Book - 2006-
Whatcha Mean, What's A Zine?
The Art of Making Zines and Minicomics
Book - 2006
The Complete Guide to Self-publishing Comics
How to Create and Sell Comic Books, Manga, and Webcomics
Book - 2015
How to Publish your Book
Streaming Video - 2015
2015 Guide to Self-publishing
Book - 2014
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