Multcolib Picks: Parenting--Death and Divorce

Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore
Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore By Stinson, Kathy Book - 2007 jE Parenting STINSON Available in some locations

Annotation:New illustrations update this classic book that explores the complex questions and emotions divorce may evoke in children.

Was It the Chocolate Pudding?
Was It the Chocolate Pudding? A Story for Little Kids About Divorce By Levins, Sandra Book - 2005 j 306.89 L665w 2005 Parenting Available in some locations

Annotation:A boy is assured by his parents that nothing that he and his brother did caused them to separate.

Samantha Jane's Missing Smile
Samantha Jane's Missing Smile A Story About Coping With the Loss of A Parent By Kaplow, Julie B. Book - 2007 jE Parenting KAPLOW Available in some locations

Annotation:With the help of a neighbor, Sammy Jane is able to work through her fear of grieving her father through sharing her feelings and memories of him.

Saying Goodbye to Lulu
Saying Goodbye to Lulu By Demas, Corinne Book - 2004 jE Parenting DEMAS Available in some locations

Annotation:Realistically depicts the range of emotions experienced in processing the decline and death of a pet.

Fred Stays With Me
Fred Stays With Me By Coffelt, Nancy Book - 2006 jE COFFELT Available in some locations

Annotation:A child describes how she lives sometimes with her mother and sometimes with her father, but her dog is her constant companion.

I Remember Miss Perry
I Remember Miss Perry By Brisson, Pat Book - 2006 jE Parenting BRISSON Available in some locations

Annotation:When a boy’s teacher is killed in a car accident, he and his classmates reflect on their favorite memories of her.

Does Wednesday Mean Mom's House or Dad's?
Does Wednesday Mean Mom's House or Dad's? Parenting Together While Living Apart By Ackerman, Marc J. Book - 2008 649.1 A182d 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:Offers separated couples practical advice on effectively parenting their children as they transition into their separate households and lives.

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