Post-apocalyptic literary fiction

Oryx and Crake
Oryx and Crake A Novel By Atwood, Margaret Book - 2004 FICTION ATWOOD 2004 Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 13 copies
Spin By Wilson, Robert Charles Book - 2006 SF WILSON 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:One day, the stars go out.

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas A Novel By Mitchell, David Book - 2004 FICTION MITCHELL Available in some locations

Annotation:If you like both Melville and Blade Runner you might like this. Stories nest inside stories, from the 1800s to a post-apocalyptic Hawaii.

The Road
The Road By McCarthy, Cormac Book - 2006 FICTION MCCARTHY Available in some locations

Annotation:A father and son travel through an America ravaged by a mysterious disaster. Grim, spare, and haunting.

A Canticle for Leibowitz
A Canticle for Leibowitz By Miller, Walter M. Book - 2006 SF MILLER 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:A group of monks attempts to preserve the fragments of science and civilization that remain after a nuclear disaster. Even a tattered grocery list belonging to "Saint Leibowitz" is a sacred relic in this devastated future.

Riddley Walker
Riddley Walker By Hoban, Russell Book - 1998 FICTION HOBAN 1998 Available in some locations

Annotation:Writing this book caused the author to lose his ability to spell. Open it and you'll see why!

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