We're partnering with Artists Repertory Theatre to provide a suggested reading list for Red Herring. The first book in the list will be discussed at the Read/Watch/Talk Book Club. For more information, visit the Artists Rep website at www.artistsrep.org. ** Synopsis of Red Herring: One of the charms of Red Herring is the playwright’s deft combination of thematic elements that playgoers (and readers) aren't used to seeing together: Red Herring contains a murder mystery with a woman detective – unusual in the 1950s! It's a spy story with lots of plot tension, set in the Cold War era in the heart of the Red Scare. The three sets of protagonists are all lovers, engaged to be married. The play feels hardboiled, comedic, suspenseful, wise-cracking, and maybe a little hopefully romantic. I've picked out a few great books that echo one of these themes: spies, secrecy and the Red Scare.
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The Invisible Harry Gold
The Man Who Gave the Soviets the Atom Bomb
Book - 2010
The Loud Silence of Francine Green
Book - 2006
The Fifties
Book - 1994
Clever Girl
Elizabeth Bentley, the Spy Who Ushered in the McCarthy Era
Book - 2003
The Year of the Bomb
Book - 2009
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