We all use, have or want money in our lives. But how much do you know about the past behind those bills and change?
11 items
A History
Book - 2007
Cowries, Coins, Credit
[the History of Money]
Book - 2006
Alexander the Great
by Demi
Book - 2010
Grey-eyed Goddess
Book - 2010
The U.S. Mint and Coinage
An Illustrated History From 1776 to the Present
Book - 1966
The History of Money
From Sandstone to Cyberspace
Book - 1997
Book - 2005
The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
Book - 2012
The Ascent of Money
A Financial History of the World
Book - 2008
The Guinness Book of Money
Book - 1990
Money, Money, Money
The Meaning of the Art and Symbols on United States Paper Currency
Book - 1995
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