Multcolib homework center picks: Money is history

Money A History By Eagleton, Catherine Book - 2007 332.49 E11m 2007 Available in some locations

Annotation:A detailed look at the history of money.

Cowries, Coins, Credit
Cowries, Coins, Credit [the History of Money] By Bailey, Gerry Book - 2006 j 332.4 B154c 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:Examines how money was created and how it has been used throughout history. Includes information on bartering, coins, paper money, and electronic money.

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great By Demi Book - 2010 j B-A37d 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:Short and beautiful biography of Alexander the Great.

Athena Grey-eyed Goddess By O'Connor, George Book - 2010 jgn OCONNOR 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:More about a favorite goddess to stamp on coins. In fun graphic novel format.

The U.S. Mint and Coinage
The U.S. Mint and Coinage An Illustrated History From 1776 to the Present By Taxay, Don Book - 1966 332.4 T23u Available in some locations

Annotation:Exactly what it says it is.... except that present was 1966.

The History of Money
The History of Money From Sandstone to Cyberspace By Weatherford, J. McIver Book - 1997 332.49 W362h 1997 Available in some locations

Annotation:An anthropologist look at the intriguing history and peculiar nature of money, tracing our relationship with it.

Money By Cribb, Joe Book - 2005 j 332.4 C928m 2005 Available in some locations

Annotation:Examines, in text and photographs, the symbolic and material meaning of money, from shekels, shells, and beads to gold, silver, checks, and credit cards.

The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 By Tarshis, Lauren Book - 2012 j TARSHIS 2012 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:San Francisco, 1906. Horse-drawn carriages share the streets with shiny new automobiles, new businesses and families move in every day from everywhere, and anything seems possible. When the city is rocked with an earthquake, not much is left standing.

The Ascent of Money
The Ascent of Money A Financial History of the World By Ferguson, Niall Book - 2008 332.49 F352a 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:Ferguson follows the money to tell the human story behind the evolution of finance, from its origins in ancient Mesopotamia to the latest upheavals.

The Guinness Book of Money
The Guinness Book of Money By Dunkling, Leslie Book - 1990 332.4 D919g Available in some locations

Annotation:A reference book for the list, this is packed full of facts, lore, lists and trivia about money and currency.

Money, Money, Money
Money, Money, Money The Meaning of the Art and Symbols on United States Paper Currency By Parker, Nancy Winslow Book - 1995 j 769.55 P242m Available in some locations

Annotation:Aimed at a young audience, the book focuses on U.S. currency and explains the numbers, portraits, architecture, and words on the printed bills in the Treasury.


We all use, have or want money in our lives. But how much do you know about the past behind those bills and change?