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A Woman in the House (and Senate)
How Women Came to the United States Congress, Broke Down Barriers, and Changed the Country
Book - 2014
The Supremes' Greatest Hits
The 37 Supreme Court Cases That Most Directly Affect your Life
Book - 2009
The U.S. Constitution and You
Book - 2001
The Handy Presidents Answer Book
Book - 2012
The Congress of the United States
Book - 2008
The Legislative Branch
Creating America's Laws
Book - 2008
Our Supreme Court
A History With 14 Activities
Book - 2006
The Presidency
Book - 2008
The Judicial Branch
Interpreting America's Laws
Book - 2008
Presidential Races
Campaigning for the White House
Book - 2012
I Wish I Knew That
U.S. Presidents
Book - 2012
Order in the Court
A Look at the Judicial Branch
Book - 2004
How Congress Works
A Look at the Legislative Branch
Book - 2004
My Senator and Me
A Dog's Eye View of Washington, D.C
Book - 2006
So You Want to Be President?
And More Stories to Celebrate American History
DVD - 2010
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