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Bachelor Girl
Bachelor Girl The Secret History of Single Woman in the Twentieth Century By Israel, Betsy Book - 2002 305.48 I85b 2002 Available in some locations

Annotation:We always hear about the bachelor, but what about the bachelor girl? Is there such an equivalent?

Single State of the Union
Single State of the Union Single Women Speak Out on Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness Book - 2007 306.8153 S617m 2007 Available in some locations

Annotation:A compilation of essays about the state of being a single woman and the joys and challenges that come with it.

Single Woman of A Certain Age
Single Woman of A Certain Age 29 Women Writers on the Unmarried Midlife--romantic Escapades, Heavy Petting, Empty Nests, Shifting Shapes, and Serene Independence Book - 2005 306.8153 S617 2005 All copies in use Availability details Holds: 1 on 1 copy

Annotation:Essays by women about what it is like to find oneself at a certain age and single.

On My Own
On My Own The Art of Being A Woman Alone By Falk, Florence Arlene Book - 2007 306.8153 F191o 2007 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:There will be a time when a woman finds herself alone and not in relationship, through death, divorce, or singleness. This is a journey to help you discover the pleasures of solitude.

Reflections From A Woman Alone
Reflections From A Woman Alone A Lighthearted Look at A Journey Toward Wholeness By Edwards, Corinne Book - 2001 B-Ed959r 2001 Available in some locations

Annotation:Take this time, while alone, to focus on yourself and come into your own power as a single female being.

A Year by the Sea
A Year by the Sea Thoughts of An Unfinished Woman By Anderson, Joan Book - 2000 B-An234y 2000 Available in some locations

Annotation:Unsure about the state of her marriage, Joan Anderson takes to the sea solo for a year.

Living Alone & Loving It
Living Alone & Loving It A Guide to Relishing the Solo Life By Feldon, Barbara Book - 2003 646.7 F312L 2003 Available in some locations

Annotation:Loneliness happens, but it doesn't have to be a way of life. So you're on your own, relish it!

On My Own Two Feet
On My Own Two Feet A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance By Thakor, Manisha Book - 2014 332.024 T3647o 2014 Available in some locations

Annotation:No more excuses. Take control of your financial future!

Own It!
Own It! The Ups and Downs of Homebuying for Women Who Go It Alone By Musselman, Jennifer Book - 2008 643.12 M989o 2008 Available in some locations

Annotation:More women are buying their own home today than ever before. Why wait for a possible mate when you have your own place?

Siesta Lane
Siesta Lane One Cabin, No Running Water, and A Year Living Green By Minato, Amy Book - 2009 307.774 M663s 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:An experiment on an Oregon commune where the author rediscovers what truly makes her happy and makes her question the dominant culture of consumption.

Woodswoman By LaBastille, Anne Book - 1976 818 L113w

Annotation:After a painful break-up, Anne takes to the woods with her dog.

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