Like your westerns mixed with horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery? Look no further. Here is part 1 of a very undervalued mash-up sub-genre: the Weird Western. Dust off that Winchester, sharpen your werewolf claws, and make sure you don't end up on Boot Hill with the other zombies...(If you like these titles, email me and I'll send you a large, comprehensive bibliography of Weird Westerns).
9 items
Razored Saddles
Book - 1989
Dead Man's Hand
Five Tales of the Weird West
Book - 2004
Shadow on the Sun
Book - 2010
Zeppelins West
Book - 2001
The Buntline Special
A Weird West Tale
Book - 2010
Darker Angels
Book - 1998
The Magic Wagon
Book - 1986
A Tale of the Oregon Wyldes
Book - 2012
The Six-gun Tarot
Book - 2013
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