Multcolib My Librarian Nick: Weird westerns part 1

Razored Saddles
Razored Saddles Book - 1989 FICTION RAZORED Available in some locations

Annotation:The anthology that really started it all. Ever read about a cowboy riding a giant rattlesnake like a bronco? Want to know where Jean LaFitte hid his treasure? Some of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi's best writers all contributed to this collection and I can't recommend it any higher. True originals.

Dead Man's Hand
Dead Man's Hand Five Tales of the Weird West By Collins, Nancy A. Book - 2004 FICTION COLLINS

Annotation:Collins, known for her Sonja Blue series, proves she can write Weird Westerns in my saloon any old time. A truly enjoyable addition to the genre.

Shadow on the Sun
Shadow on the Sun By Matheson, Richard Book - 2010 FICTION MATHESON 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:A master of the horror genre proves versatile here and longtime Matheson fans who have marveled at his horror and Twilight Zone tales may have let this little diamond pass them by. A great addition to the Weird Western canon, this tale brings the supernatural, Apaches, and the tense underbelly of mob justice to Picture City, Az.

Zeppelins West
Zeppelins West By Lansdale, Joe R. Book - 2001 FICTION LANSDALE Available in some locations

Annotation:This is one of many Lansdale titles on Weird Western lists. I sense a pattern here. See Buffalo Bill's detached head live! See Sitting Bull curse! See Ned the Seal do his...ah, you just have to read it! An exquisite, thrilling ride. The sequel is great too: Flaming London (MCL does carry).

The Buntline Special
The Buntline Special A Weird West Tale By Resnick, Michael D. Book - 2010 SF RESNICK 2010 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:A new creator to the WW genre, this is the first in four titles Resnick has written so far and he's comin' out with six-guns a' blazin'! This series straddles the very thin line between WW and Steampunk, with strong sci-fi elements, but it definitely belongs on the ranch.

Darker Angels
Darker Angels By Somtow, S. P. Book - 1998 FICTION SOMTOW Available in some locations

Annotation:Somtow has an impressive resume and this title is a ferocious alternate-history yarn with a broad roster of characters, real and imagined. Why wouldn't you read a Civil War title with zombies, voodoo, Edgar Allan Poe, and Walt Whitman? An excellent gumbo, try his other WW werewolf novel, the brilliant tapestry "Moon Dance."

The Magic Wagon
The Magic Wagon By Lansdale, Joe R. Book - 1986 WESTERN LANSDALE Available in some locations

Annotation:An early novel from Hisownself, this is more a classic western, but with tall-tale, vivid characters and authentic East Texas atmosphere. Welcome to Mud Creek!

Portlandtown A Tale of the Oregon Wyldes By DeBorde, Rob Book - 2012 FICTION DEBORDE 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:Ok, zombie-lovers, slurp up this pulpy homage to Portland's early years. A nice, keep-it-local 2012 edition to the ranch. Stumptown takes on a whole new meaning here, don't forget to cauterize!

The Six-gun Tarot
The Six-gun Tarot By Belcher, R. S. Book - 2013 FICTION BELCHER 2013 Available in some locations

Annotation:A fresh new voice in Weird Westerns, yet no less welcome, Belcher paints great characters, philosophy, and mythology into an original and layered narrative. Highly recommended.

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Like your westerns mixed with horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery? Look no further. Here is part 1 of a very undervalued mash-up sub-genre: the Weird Western. Dust off that Winchester, sharpen your werewolf claws, and make sure you don't end up on Boot Hill with the other zombies...(If you like these titles, email me and I'll send you a large, comprehensive bibliography of Weird Westerns).

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