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Summer of Night
Summer of Night By Simmons, Dan eBook - 2011 OverDrive downloadable ebook Check availability»

Annotation:A fun ride through small-town Illinois as six boys try to overcome an ancient evil with no help from the grown-ups. Simmons writes another winner, for Stephen King fans. Only available in e-book format at this time and followed by the sequel "A Winter Haunting."

Off Season
Off Season By Ketchum, Jack Book - 2011 FICTION KETCHUM 2011 All copies in use Availability details Holds: 1 on 1 copy

Annotation:I love this book, but beware it's graphic and bloody trail. Ketchum's take on the Sawney Beane story is fast-paced and sweat-inducing yet doesn't pander. His first novel and extremely tense. Highly recommended.

The Sheep Look up
The Sheep Look up By Brunner, John Book - 2003 SF BRUNNER

Annotation:Prophetic, haunting, and a punch to the plexus, this landmark environmental horror-sci-fi beast has a brilliant premise and is executed without fail by Brunner. And it bites...hard. Like this? Try Philip Chadwick's "The Death Guard."

Bad Things
Bad Things By Marshall, Michael Book - 2009 FICTION MARSHALL 2009 Available in some locations

Annotation:I'm a huge fan of Marshall, who also writes under MM Smith, and while I wanted to add his "Straw Men" to this list, you'll still enjoy this psychological novel set in the Pacific NW. Fathers, sons, and ghosts from the past populate this thriller.

Michael McDowell's Blackwater, Volume I
Michael McDowell's Blackwater, Volume I The Flood, The Levee, The House By McDowell, Michael Book - 1983 FICTION MCDOWELL Available in some locations

Annotation:This very underrated saga by the obscure yet talented McDowell is an original, creepy 50-year chronicle of the Caskey family. This title collects the first three volumes of a pure, evocative Southern Gothic and will send you scrambling for the other three. Addictive and highly recommended.

Those Across the River
Those Across the River By Buehlman, Christopher Book - 2011 FICTION BUEHLMAN 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:More Southern Gothic in the vein of O'Connor, Oates, Faulkner, even Harry Crews. Small-town life in Georgia and it's denizens haunt this brilliant first novel from Buehlman. A fresh, new voice in weird fiction.

The Anubis Gates
The Anubis Gates By Powers, Tim Book - 1997 SF POWERS Available in some locations

Annotation:Had to include a time-travel romp on this list and no better summer fun read than this supertrain from Powers. Humor, horror, and history that includes werewolves, cabals, and Egyptian mythology! Kick back and enjoy.

Boy's Life
Boy's Life By McCammon, Robert R. eBook - 2011 OverDrive downloadable ebook Check availability»

Annotation:Similar to the Simmons title mentioned above, this summer tale from the always reliable McCammon follows a boy and his father as they try to solve a mystery while battling demons that arise to torment them. Another well-written beach treat for King fans.

The Great and Secret Show
The Great and Secret Show The First Book of the Art By Barker, Clive eBook - 2009 OverDrive downloadable ebook Check availability»

Annotation:Dense and sprawling with horror-fantasy elements among it's plot and characters. First in a trilogy, your patience will be rewarded in your journey through the Art. A graphic novel version is also available, though this e-book may take up your entire summer!

The Other
The Other By Tryon, Thomas Book - 2008 FICTION TRYON 2008 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:First published in 1971, this lyrical horror tale still gives me the creeps. Set in small-town Connecticut and flawless, although if you don't like sinister, eerie might move along. The film version, written by Tryon as well, is an excellent adaptation and added below for your viewing pleasure. Both are highly recommended.

The Other
The Other DVD - 2006 DVD Horror OTHER All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:A leaner yet still very well-done adaptation of Tryon's tale set in Depression-era Connecticut.

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If you are short on ice, beverages, or the ocean this summer try some of these creepy bone-chillers. Interesting characters, narratives, and all-around great writing propel these vacation companions.

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