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Trouble in Paradise
Trouble in Paradise DVD - 2002 DVD Comedy TROUBLE Available in some locations

Annotation:Director Lubistch made movies that sparkled, with wit and sophistication that has not been matched since.

Gold Diggers of 1933
Gold Diggers of 1933 DVD - 2006 DVD Musicals GOLD Available in some locations

Annotation:This Busby Berkeley extravaganza includes such naughty numbers as "Petting in the Park."

Platinum Blonde
Platinum Blonde DVD - 2003 DVD Comedy PLATINUM Available in some locations

Annotation:In Frank Capra's 1931 comedy salty Smith marries sultry rich girl Jean Harlow, but perhaps fellow reporter Loretta Young is a better match.

42nd Street
42nd Street DVD - 2006 DVD Musicals FORTY Available in some locations

Annotation:Busby Berkeley musical with some amazing visuals and frisky lyrics. " Little nifties from the Fifties, innocent and sweet,/ Sexy ladies from the Eighties who are indiscreet,/ They're side by side, they're glorified, Where the underworld can meet the elite/ Naughty, Gawdy, bawdy, sporty, Forty-second Street!"

The Smiling Lieutenant
The Smiling Lieutenant DVD - 2007 DVD Musicals SMILING All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Another Lubitsch confection. Here Claudette Colbert sings "Jazz up your lingerie" as an instruction to Miriam Hopkins -- who is married to Colbert's paramour, Maurice Chevalier.

She Done Him Wrong
She Done Him Wrong DVD - 2008 DVD Comedy SHE All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Bawdy singer Mae West seducers a very young Cary Grant in this 1933 comedy.

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Movies that show our great-grandparents had desires and foibles just like our own. And that they were very funny and had great gams.