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A Queer and Pleasant Danger
A Queer and Pleasant Danger A Memoir By Bornstein, Kate Book - 2012 B-Bo6455q 2012 Available in some locations

Annotation:Kate Bornstein shares her remarkable story: from a nice Jewish boy to a lieutenant in Scientology's Sea Org to 1990s Seattle, where she becomes a noted author and transgender activist. It’s a journey of self-discovery that will mesmerize readers.

A Perfect Waiter
A Perfect Waiter A Novel By Sulzer, Alain Claude Book - 2008 FICTION SULZER Available in some locations

Annotation:Erneste works in the restaurant of a grand hotel in Giessbach in Switzerland. He is the 'perfect waiter'. When a urgent letter from an old lover arrives. Memories come flooding back back an Erneste must make a difficult decision.

Stone Butch Blues
Stone Butch Blues A Novel By Feinberg, Leslie Book - 1993 FICTION FEINBERG

Annotation:Feinberg, a noted activist and speaker on transgender issues, explores the butch/femme dynamic and looks at gender through the eyes of Jess Goldberg, a character in process of finding out who Jess Goldberg is in a world driven by binary gender.

The Well of Loneliness
The Well of Loneliness By Hall, Radclyffe Book - 1990 FICTION HALL 1990 Available in some locations

Annotation:Stephen Gordon does not sugar coat things. Not even her coffee. She knows how the world views her “sexual inversion” and strives to rise above it all, even if it means spurning her true love.

The City and the Pillar
The City and the Pillar A Novel By Vidal, Gore Book - 2003 FICTION VIDAL 2003 Available in some locations

Annotation:True love can happen over a life time or one fateful evening.

Maurice A Novel By Forster, E. M. Book - 2006 FICTION FORSTER 2006 Available in some locations

Annotation:Written in 1913 and 1914, Maurice was not published until 1971. It tells the story of the eponymous young man, who despite his best efforts, cannot have the one he desires. However, unlike many LGBT characters of this era, he doesn’t fade into resigned melancholy or death. It’s a tale of searching for happiness and the path that it takes us.

Tales of the City
Tales of the City By Maupin, Armistead Book - 2007 FICTION MAUPIN 2007 Available in some locations

Annotation:Anna Madrigal isn’t your average landlord and San Francisco isn’t your average town.. A large cast of characters make up this fun and socially reflective series. It’s a classic and was groundbreaking. The book is a rollocking soap opera of a tale that readers who desire to be enveloped by quirky characters will enjoy.

Looking for It
Looking for It By Ford, Michael Thomas Book - 2004 FICTION FORD Available in some locations

Annotation:Looking for It looks at the trials and tribulations of seven gay men who live in a small town in upstate New York, where they must rely on their close friends and networks as a way to build a sense of community. This is the Danielle Steel of of gay novels.

Gay Blades
Gay Blades By Tyler, Ben Book - 2003 FICTION TYLER Available in some locations

Annotation:Who knew the ice skating world was so cutthroat and sexy in that “wow this is trashy, but fun trashy” sort of way? Three ambitious ice skaters are racing to succeed, but there’s not room for all of them. Backstabbing, sex, and awkward dialogue ensue.

Fun Home
Fun Home A Family Tragicomic By Bechdel, Alison Book - 2006 GN BECHDEL All copies in use Availability details Holds: 12 on 10 copies

Annotation:Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Alison Bechdal’s memoir is proof. Sexual orientation, gender roles, a father whose closeted life is more in the open than he realizes, are only part of the story. Told through beautiful illustrations, it has wide appeal including folks looking for memoirs of adolescence.

Rawhide Kid
Rawhide Kid By Zimmerman, Ron Book - 2010 GN ZIMMERMAN 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:The character of the Rawhide Kid has take a few different forms. However, when Marvel reinvented him as a smooth talking, gun slinging, gay man, they created a beautiful monster. The fun, wild west themed plots are drenched in double entendres. He’s a strong and outspoken character that would match well for anyone looking for a western with an edge.

One Dead Drag Queen
One Dead Drag Queen By Zubro, Mark Richard Book - 2000 MYSTERY ZUBRO Available in some locations

Annotation:Tom is a popular teacher who can’t seem to keep his nose where it doesn’t belong. Scott, a professional baseball player and also Tom’s boyfriend is often right beside him. This series has cozy moments, but “ripped from the headlines” plots add unexpected grit. The mystery/thriller genre and Tom and Scott’s character development are a selling point for any fans of serial mysteries.

Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche By Bidulka, Anthony Book - 2011 MYSTERY BIDULKA 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:When a wedding goes awry and a groom goes missing, foul play is suspected. Enter Russell Quant - cute, gay, and a rookie private detective. He’s looking for his man in more ways than one… A fun, globe trotting series with a relatable everyman detective with all the trappings any cozy-ish mystery fan would enjoy.

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LGBT fiction spans all genres. This is only a sampling of available titles, but they represent the variety of genres and character types for readers looking for LGBT titles.

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